Yachting Store Verbania and Jobe make your holidays more fun

Waterskis, wakeboards, kneeboards, sups, jackets, diving suits from Jobe; then technical clothing from Oracle’s sponsor Sail Racing. At Yachting Store Verbania.
Can you imagine a brand more dedicated to water fun and leisure than Jobe? A company aimed to suggesting new ideas to their customers such as Yachting Store Verbania – and their sibling Nautica Bego, also in Verbania on Lake Maggiore – couldn’t escape such an opportunity. So here’s the whole Jobe collection for an exuberant summer on the water.


A sup for everybody

It’s an evolving specialty indeed, so the boards follow the trend by diversifying the offer according to the needs of practitioners. At Yachting Store Verbania you will find all the offer from Jobe, from the refined wooden sups (pictured) to the inflatable ones, so practical and easy to carry.


Waterskiing back to tradition

It is the “oldest” of water sports with motorboats, but right on the wave of the success of the new specialties, and with a technological upgrading of the skis, it’s come back to life with a rediscovery by the youngsters, in addition to a revival by old enthusiasts who, instead of rubbing old tools, prefer to approach the new skis in the Jobe catalog. Yachting Store Verbania will address your choice to best suit your needs.


Yachting-Store-Verbania_Jobe_2  Yachting-Store-Verbania_Jobe_4

Wakeboard and kneeboard: only for the bravest

It’s the new tools to ride the waves. Even in this case there a choice for any need, color and usage, and the advice of Yachting Store Verbania will be crucial to choose according to your abilities or fun ambitions.



Always be protected

Of course practicing these sports, as well as surfing and sailing with dinghies, requires to complete your gear with life jackets capable of supporting the person and suits of various shapes to protect against the cold even in Summer, especially on the lake. That is why Jobe offers a set of models for all needs (and sizes).


Like being at the America’s Cup

On the boat, but also in leisure time, wearing technical clothing has now become customary for many athletes. What Yachting Store Verbania proposes is the brand new Sail Racing line developed for the Oracle crew in the America’s Cup, which marks a further qualitative leap in this field, in terms of materials and style.
Yachting Store Verbania also gives you the best clothing to go dining at night, and the best gear to capture your summer moments.


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