Couach 5000 Fly, here we go again!

The French shipyard announces the delivery of their second 50 meters, whose innovative feature (among the rest) is the technology used to reduce noise vibration and harshness.

Her name is Belongers, she’s the new Couach 5000 Fly and she follows the steps of her sister “La Pellegrina” while introducing important innovations in terms of cruising comfort, in order to comply to the needs of a very demanding owner.

With a top speed of 28 knots, the Couach 5000 Fly is one of the fastest yachts of her class, thanks to a hull whose capability of facing any condition of sea are already known. 49.90 meters by 9.25, with a displacement of 370 tons, her fuel tanks total to some like 48.508 liters, with another 10.000 liters for fresh water. The owner and his guests will have six cabins at their disposal, while another five are dedicated to the 10-persons crew. The powertrain consists of two 5226 HP MTUs, granting a top speed of 28 knots for a 600 nm range, numbers that will increase to 2200 nm at 12 knots. Design and construction of interiors, deck and hull come from the long experience of Couach Yachts and their 115 years history in cruising-ships building.


The peculiar feature of “Belongers” is her noise, vibrations and harshness (NVH) reduction system, aimed to make cruising as comfortable as ever. This system, named VRSTM (Vibration Reduction System), completes the SilentCab one (another matter of pride for Couach) and grants a specific attention to containing all the disturbance caused by the many systems working aboard a large yacht. Such complex phenomenons act at different speeds and conditions, so it’s important to reckon all the parameters involved and respond with adequate preventive and corrective measures. This design approach is fundamental in order to reach amazing performances such as the 42 dB read in the owner’s cabin at 12 knots, something that you can’t find even aboard the most luxurious limo car. Visit Couach Yachts official website

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