Rent Boat Lago Maggiore from Nautica Bego has what you’re looking for

New boats every year, esy to fit your taste, fun and affordable. Rent Boat Lago Maggiore even has a pontoon, for boaters who feel a Yankee spirit.

There’s a model for every need, but above all there is the certainty that at the beginning of each season all the boats launched and their engines are brand new. No guarantee can be more solid than this simple system, possible because at the end of the season the boats of Boat Rent Lago Maggiore have been handled with such care by Nautica Bego that there is a waiting list for them to be purchased. This way, a new fleet is possible for the next year.

It’s easy to make
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Many solutions are available. Among the rest, the American pontoon is for sure the most peculiar. It’s large and livable, 6.50 m long and 2.60 wide, and can host up to 10 passengers. It’s easy to think of a party boat, ideal for birthdays or any other kind of celebration. But it is also a perfect solution for disabled persons, as a wheelchair can get aboard and move easily.


Rent Boat Lago Maggiore can match so many needs

Two Marinello Eden are open boats measuring 5.40 x 2.30 m, with lateral console and fore solarium, good for seven passengers and powered by a 40 HP Yamaha or Suzuki outboard.
If you wwant more there’s Marinello Ende 22: 6.80 m long and 2.50 wide, shes’ powered by a mighty Suzuki DF140 for thrilling performance even with nine passengers on board.


Among the deals offered by Rent Boat Lago Maggiore, Love Day is worth a mention: boat + helicopter + dinner for a couple who does not want to miss anything: all day boat with cocktail on board, helicopter ride on the Borromeo gulf and romantic dinner at a restaurant chosen from a small selection.


In order to reserve your boat with Rent Boat Lago Maggiore by Nautica Bego you need to connect to and go through availability and prices. We can anticipate that the fares start at € 100 for half a day. The website is multilingual and it’s possible to book via smartphone, tablet or pc. Leave a deposit, print the contract and settle on place. The website also provides map of the lake with mooring points, distances and links to surrounding places and events which can make the difference for a pleasant navigation. Boats come with full tank and at the time of restitution they can be filled up at Nautica Bego very own gas pump. In case you don’t feel like driving, skippers are available, while the sport guys would like the chance to have a flyboard.

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