After 100 comes 80: Yamaha F80D is the new outboard

Numbers according to the Japanese manufacturer: the new Yamaha F80D comes directly from the recently-launched F100. So it’s now smarter and smaller than its predecessor.
A Company like Yamaha must take advantage of all their experience and technology to improve and further perfect their units. It’s the case of the recent F100 outboard, which is now flanked by the new Yamaha F80D. Without compromising the robustness and reliability that distinguishes Japanese engines, engineers have redesigned some components to make the F80 even more compact and light. All this helps to have a more responsive and agile boat and provides the perfect solution for owners of old-time two-stroke engines that want to take advantage of four-stroke technology.

Yamaha F80D raises the performance bar

The new outboard offers superior performance levels, delivered with enhanced fluidity and quietness, with reduced noise and vibration. This feature is even more noticeable at lower revs, thanks to the redesigned exhaust system and engine rubber supports, an additional intake silencer, a new, wider engine support, and the improved rigidity of the engine unit itself.

A lighter unit helps to
have a more responsive
and agile boat

Compatible with the brand’s Digital Network System, the Yamaha F80D offers sophisticated options and command functions, including a number of digital instruments, and a predisposition for the installation of the exclusive Y-COP immobilizer system. Its connection to the Digital Network System makes it possible to use the Variable Trolling Speed (VTS) system, which allows to maintain a lower minimum speed and adjust it at just 50 rpm, ideal for fishing.
The look is also refined: thanks to the elegant graphics and the re-design of the air intake duct, the cowling further embellishes the new Yamaha F80D. Which is getting on the market: it will be available at Yamaha dealers by the end of June.


The numbers of Yamaha F80D

  • Engine type                                       4 strokes, 4 cylinders, 16 valves, SOHC
  • Displacement                                   1832 cc (112 ci)
  • Power                                                 80 HP (58,8 Kw) @ 5500 rpm
  • Max                                                     rpm 5000-6000 revs
  • Final ratio                                          2,15 (28/13)
  • Injection                                             Electronic fuel injection EFI
  • Start                                                     TCI Microcomputer
  • Lubrication                                        wet sump
  • Oil tank                                              3.2 l
  • Alternator                                          12 V – 35A
  • Weight                                                162 (L), 166 (X)
  • Indicative price                                8870 € (VAT not included)

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