LakeAdvisor is here: the comprehensive, interactive guide for boating on Italian Lakes, powered by BoatMag – Just click on this link and you will enter the world of boating and events on the wonderful Lakes of Northern Italy.

LakeAdvisor is a search engine, in English and Italian, focused on lake boating and tourism. It allows users from allover the world to find, through several search filters, Companies and activities who offer boating services on the world-known Lakes of Northern Italy: Como, Garda, Maggiore, Iseo, Orta.

The search filters
take you directly
to companies who
provide the services
you look for

Thanks to the search filters you can quickly access the info you’re looking for, with any device, whether you are organizing a future trip from home, or because you are directly on the lake and you need immediate information.



A constantly updated guide

LakeAdvisor offers a great deal of useful information about individual business, what they do and which services they offer, all provided with photo galleries and videos. And it is constantly updating with the addition of new insights about nautical businesses, so keep an eye on it and you will find what you’re looking for.
Are you searching a charterer, a launch-and-haul ramp, a maintenance point or other services of your need…and you don’t know who to turn to? Just select on LakeAdvisor the service you are looking for and in real time you are provided a list of companies that offer the type of service you have selected. Then you can analyze them, one by one, based on descriptive texts, various information and photo galleries. All businesses are geolocated on the map with normal or satellite view.

More, by subscribing to the Facebook page you can always be informed about the updates regarding the companies, but also on the promotions and various initiatives that they can propose through the LakeAdvisor portal.

The guarantee of
a quality service
is based also
on your comments

Everything can be commented, from individual photos to the entire directory of the nautical company. In this way, users also become testimonials of their experiences by creating an ever more selected community, and therefore guaranteed on the quality of the companies and services they propose.

Our network grows

All of this is powered by BoatMag! Our publishing network therefore expands and, in addition to dailyjournalistic information in italian and english, it provides search services not only for lakes with LakeAdvisor, but also about the offer of boats, ribs and engines thank to the comprehensive market guide we are finalizing at
Then again there’s our video channel, with our TG-like reports services, tutorials and interviews to provide advice on various topics.
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