Invictus 240FX tested at Nautica Bertelli: is this the perfect size?

Probably seven and half meters is the right length in order to combine agility and comfort. On top of both, Invictus 240FX adds a touch of style.

What do you need to have fun when boating? Few things are necessary, and Invictus 240FX seems to have them all, with an extra touch of style that only the competence and the taste of a designer like Christian Grande can bestow to a boat. Nautica Bertelli, dealer of the brand for Central-Northern Italy, Austria and Switzerland, welcomes me in their modern location in Paratico, on the south shore of Lake Iseo, between the provinces of Bergamo and Brescia.


Invictus 240FX in a nutshell

Invictus’ style is indisputable, and even in this rather basic model its prerogatives are pretty evident. Despite a standard layout, it is the care of the detail that distinguishes Invictus boats, and Invictus 240FX is no exception. Let’s analyze it in 5 points:

  •  It could be the usual aft bench with a port (comfortable) passageway to reach the two bathing platforms, but the two buckles and the refined fabric definitely give it an Invictus look. And, it drops down to become a solarium.
  • The pilot seat (actually it’s just a back stand) is part of a versatile cabinet. There’s a sliding surface which work as a dinette table, and two seatbacks which, when removed, leave space to rod holders. A refrigerator can be housed inside.

Invictus-240FX_16  Invictus-240FX_10

  •  The center console features a simple, easy to read and complete Raymarine screen. No need for gauges, instruments, frills.


  • A small cabin beneath the console is good for a quick change of swimsuit, for a porta-potty, and as a further storage, in addition to several lockers under the benches and even under the cockpit flooring.

Invictus-240FX_15  Invictus-240FX_13

  • To bow, a front-facing sofa becomes part of a solarium by adding an extra cushion. It’s well protected from the wind and even safe, being under the gunwale level. The hidden anchor winch helps when stepping in and out from the bow.



The balance is
always even, with
no need of trimming

Invictus 240FX: the test

The 250 HP motor of our test is the most powerful according to the yard’s specifications, although performance is not so exuberant. Still, 37 knots full speed is a good number. There is no software for the fuel consumption, so we stick to Honda’s statements for this engine coupled to a 15” three-bladed propeller (the same we have): good to see that the speed figures are close to my readings.


Analyzing the data you can see that at cruising pace (25-30 knots between 4500 and 5000 revs), fuel consumption is definitely reasonable. The minimum plane is kept at 2800 rpm, just under 10 knots: in this case, the engine is burning a frugal 15 liters per hour. Acceleration is also good, with 4.2 seconds to reach the plane and another six to reach 30 knots.
As for the handling, the set-up is well balanced, with no need to work with the trim: except for a small correction in order to reach the maximum speed. Even trying some sharp maneuvers, the reaction is always restrained and never triggers risky situations. Last test I run is the crossing of some waves (it is actually my wake, as the water condition is flat on the lake): no thumps, but a soft passage that promises a safe ride even with choppy sea.


The numbers of Invictus 240FX

  • Length overall                 7.45 m (24ft 5in)
  • Beam                                 2.50 m (8ft 2in)
  • Displacement                  1800 Kg
  • Draft                                  1.06 m (3ft 6in)
  • Max output                      250 HP
  • Fuel reserve                     270 l (71 US gal)
  • Fresh water reserve       45 l (11 US gal)
  • Passengers                       8/10
  • CE design category        B/C
  • Designer                          Christian Grande


       rpm   knots  mph  lph*    nm/l   range**  dB

  • 1000      3,5      4,0    3,1       1,13      244       56
  • 1500      5,3      6,1     5,2       1,02     220       60
  • 2000     6,4      7,4    8,6       0,74     161        64
  • 2500     7,3      8,4    10,8     0,68     146       68
  • 3000    11,0     12,7   16,5     0,67     144        68
  • 3500    16,0     18,4   21,1     0,76     164        74
  • 4000    22,0    25,3   27,6    0,80     172        76
  • 4500    25,0     28,8   33,1    0,76     163        78
  • 5000    29,0     33,4   45,3    0,64     138       79
  • 5500    32,0     36,8   59,6    0,54     116        80
  • 6000    35,0     40,3   70,0   0,50     108       81
  • 6300    37,0     42,6   83,6    0,44     96        82

*Honda’s official figures **20% reserve

Test conditions

  • Calm lake, clean hull, fuel 250 l (66 US gal), water 30 l (7 US gal)), 3 passengers

Indicative price, VAT not included

  • Without engine                    € 33,420

And if you want some extra inches, here’s the model for you

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