Absolute Navetta 58: we put on test the long range Italian boat

Don’t be fooled by the photos, as they’ve been shot on another day. For our sea trial the sea is not properly calm, which makes it the perfect playground.
Navetta, in Italian, means something in-between a trawler and a long-range, metal-built displacing ship. But the new generation on the other hand include boats which can even plane, if necessary. Still of course without giving up their vocation for long hauling. I am looking forward to test this Navetta 58 in extreme conditions to see how much of the original spirit has remained.

The liter-per-hour
readings confirm an
inclination for
fast cruising


The test: 26 knots of top speed with chopped sea, with no worries on the waves

Our test boat mounts the most powerful available option by Volvo Penta: Ips800 transmissions coupled to 600 HP engines. It’s not what you expect on such kind of boat, but probably it fits to the new generation ones.
The liter-per-hour readings confirm an inclination for fast cruising, around 2500 rpm, but if you’re not in a hurry you can opt for a quiet 10-knot displacement with frugal fuel consumption. Of course, were this the main speed you have in mind, then you’d better go for the smaller engines, despite a relatively small reduction in the purchase price.
While I talk of engines and fuel consumption, our navigation continues with no trouble whatsoever. The sliding door separating the cockpit from the salon is open, yet the noise figures are excellent. Ton top of this, to further enhance the feeling of safe comfort, is the soft passage on the waves from any direction: and even when the impact is just, the whole structure‘s response feels sturdy and robust.

Time to measure the excellent performance of this 58-feeter. On the same day, but on a calmer sea, I tested also Absolute 58 Fly, with the same Ips800. The water conditions, and probably a higher displacement of the Navetta, see the sportier 58 Fly prevail in all the main readings. Our top speed is 26 knots (30 on the sportier one), while the minimum planing speed is 12 knots for both although it’s kept at 2100 rpm here and 1900 on the 58 Fly. Maybe fuel consumption should be lower on the Navetta than on her “sister”, but still we’re talking of very good data, and the whole chance to navigate at a very low pace in total comfort makes the difference.

A classical layout, with generous dimensions. Our measurements

The flying bridge is well organized: free space in the back, a central area occupied by the starboard dinette (200 × 280 cm) and the grill, and the bow space dedicated to the helm station in the middle of a sitting area consisting of two L-shaped sofas.



Absolute_Navetta58_12              Absolute_Navetta58_10


  • The main deck cockpit is welcoming and leaves ample space for the flybridge ladder. The crew cabin is accessible from the swim platform and is directly connected to the engine room. Wide side decks (40 cm), well protected by tall gunwales and handrails, lead to the fore solarium matched to a front-facing sofa that expands the chances of using this space.


Absolute_Navetta58_5        Absolute_Navetta58_9

  • The bow part of the salon (200 cm headroom, then 190 cm) is dedicated to conviviality, with side sofas and a tea table. This means that the galley is located abow, right behind the helm station and in front of the dinette (250 x 125 cm).

Absolute_Navetta58_7        Absolute_Navetta58_8

  • Three cabins take the lower deck. The master located amidships (h 210 at the entrance) takes the full beam and features a center, king-size bed (200 × 170 cm) with a bathroom measuring 100 × 200 and a separate shower bow of 140 × 80 cm.



Absolute_Navetta58_16             Absolute_Navetta58_20


Absolute_Navetta58_17             Absolute_Navetta58_15

  • The Vip cabin is very bright, with a classic central bed (190 × 140 cm) and a good height at the entrance (190 cm); even here the en-suite is ample (140 × 130 cm + shower 140 × 80 cm). The third cabin is still generous (270×180 cm) and features two bunk beds, and a bathroom / day toilet with separate shower.

The numbers of Absolute Navetta 58

  • Length overall              17.00 m (55ft 9in)
  • Beam                              5.00 m (16ft 5in)
  • Engines                         Volvo Penta   IPS800 2×600 HP
  • Fuel reserve                  2400 l (634 US gal)
  • Fresh water reserve    600 l (158 US gal)
  • Cabins                            3
  • Berths                            6+1
  • Passengers                    14
  • CE design category      B


     rpm   knots     mph     lph     nm/l     range*     dB**

  • 600       5,0       5,8        9       0,56        1067        56
  • 1000     6,0       6,9      15       0,40       768          57
  • 1500     10,0      11,5    45       0,22       427          58
  • 2000    12,0      13,8   91        0,13        253          61
  • 2250     15,0      17,3   119      0,13        242          63
  • 2500    18,0      20,7   144      0,13       240          66
  • 2750     23,0     26,5   187      0,12       236           69
  • 2950    26,0      29,9   208    0,13       240           70

*20% reserve **salon,cockpit door open

Test conditions

  • Moderate sea, clean hull, fuel 2100 l (554 US gal), fresh water 200 l (52 US gal), 10 passengers

Indicative price (VAT not included)

  • With Volvo Penta IPS600 2×435 HP           € 990.000
  • With Volvo Penta IPS700 2×550 HP           € 1.040.000
  • With Volvo Penta IPS800 2×600 HP          € 1.055.000

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