Ranieri International enters into the ribs market with the Cayman 19 Sport

Cayman 19 Sport is the demonstration that the market of small boats, outboard engines, smart products is still up despite the downturn.

Ranieri International, already famous for their large range of open boats, with cabin or not, is going to make their debut into the inflatables market in 2015, with a full lineup of boats with tubular and rigid hull.


It’s the new Cayman range, and it starts with three models: 19 Sport, 21 Sport and 23 Sport, 5,95 mt, 6,30 mt and 6,80 mt respectively.
In order to see them alive you have to wait the upcoming Fall, for the moment we can show you the first images of the Cayman 19 Sport up to small details, and we invite to come and visit the next Genoa Boat Show (October 1st to 6th) where she will make her debut along with the larger sisters. This is properly a RIB for everybody, as she can be very performing even with a small 40 HP engine. Lookwise, the shipyard opted for a two tone color, in black and white, to enhance the sport feeling.


Our only concern, is why they decided to go for such a massive and vertical roll-bar, not really needed just for bearing the bimini structure. In any case it’s an option, so you can skip that if you want.
At a first glance the cockpit layout is quite traditional, with a bench to the stern, a center console and a sun bed to the front. But a careful look shows a very clever functionality: the back bench becomes a dinette by tilting a teak table from the helm seat, while the front sunpad becomes larger with the insertion of an additional cushion between the bed itself and the center seat. More, inside the helm station there’s a huge storage area.


And talking of storage, there’s a lot of room everywhere: much space is underneath the foredeck, and another area is available in the stern lifting the bench seat. Smart details continue with the stuffed insertions by the fiberglass surface on both sides of the said bench, which serve as armrests, and with the embracing windshield whose stainless steel frame is also a handrail on port and starboard.

ranieri-international-cayman-19 ranieri-international-cayman-19

Cayman 19 Sport in numbers

Length overall 5.95 mt (19 ft 6 in)
Beam 2.55 mt (8 ft 4 in)
Tubular diameter 0.60 mt (23 in 5/8)
Chambers 5
Displacement 500 kg
Engine 40 HP outboard
Fuel tank 105 lt (27.7 US gal)
Passengers 10
Design category UE C


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