Uflex unveils the new battery chargers and inverters Victron Energy MultiPlus

Power failure won’t be a problem with the new, smart Victron Energy MultiPlus by Uflex. They are compatible with different accumulators.

A range of powerful pure-sinusoidal-wave inverters, combined with battery chargers which sport a sophisticated technology in order to adapt to various types of accumulators, including lithium-ion batteries. This is Victron Energy MultiPlus by Uflex in a nutshell.


Victron Energy MultiPlus by Uflex

The latest novelty is the 12/500/20-16 model, with power input ranging from 9,5 a 17 V and power output of 500 VA at 230 V (50 Hz). As a charger it accepts potential differences from 187 to 265 V (45-55Hz) and supplies a charge power of 20A. The range includes models capable of up to 5000 VA at 230 V as an inverter and 120 A of charge power. Combining more units takes up to 80 kVA and 2000 A.

In the inverter mode, if the main network fails, Victron Energy MultiPlus takes on supplying power with no discontinuity, getting it from the batteries. The device has a second AC output dedicated to high-power consumption, to whom “juice” is delivered only when a 230 V source is available not to drain batteries.

From the control panel, it is possible to limit the energy use of Victron Energy MultiPlus, from the generator or the dock power network, in order to avoid overloading. At the same time, if boat services require peaks of power for a limited time, the system compensates for the inadequate supply from generator or dock by drawing energy from the battery and, as soon as the load is reduced, the available extra energy from the network is used to charge the battery.
The Victron Energy product range distributed by Uflex also includes DC-DC converters, with or without galvanic insulation, to stabilize the on-board voltage, and charge regulators specific for photo voltaic systems.

Uflex attends every year METS Trade in Amsterdam


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