Cranchi T 36 has been finally unveiled at Boot Düsseldorf. It’s the dawn of a new category…the so-called crossover yachts.

The model has been launched, in front of the media and the public: Cranchi T 36 creates a segment which we will hear much about in the future. Now in Germany until January 28.

The first example of this new 12 meters (whose 9.99-meter of LH keeps it away from eTra regulations in some Countries), will be on display in a sober livery with Panama white hull and Mangano gray hardtop. Of course there are many other opportunities for different color combinations.

And to underline the eclectic crossover vocation, the new Cranchi T 36 makes its debut with two Bottecchia bicycles on the hardtop: another historic brand of “Made in Italy” realm, very popular abroad as well. In case, you can replace the bikes with canoes, kayaks or other gear.

This launch event actually marks a double debut: on the one hand the new Cranchi boat, on the other the creation of a new category, that of the Crossovers, or those boats that, starting with this T 36, do not fall in a unique category of boats and contain in themselves the best characteristics of the different types of boats.

Cranchi made it even simplier, using a simple letter: “X”.


News 2018: T 36 sets the start for the “X” wave of Cranchi crossovers

And usually in the acronyms the X alludes to the English term “cross”, intersection, or a mix of different specialties.
Now, look at the profile of the new T36. What is it? A trawler? A cruiser with hardtop? An enlarged pilot boat? Nothing of this, and at the same time a set of all this. It’s the right mix, with designer Christian Grande taking different ingredients and then, just like a chef would do, combining them in the right doses to create a dish not only good but also beautiful.

Cranchi XT 36 Profilo_1
Maybe not everybody will like it at the first glance, because the lines of T 36 are rather bold and usually at first sight they look “refreshing or revolting”. But stop for a moment, and you will see how that seemingly sharp look reveals a combination of tense and softer lines that please the eye, but above all return a familiar, reassuring feeling that is what you expect from a boat made for long term cruises.
And T 36 offers many good motivations for long navigation: as the shipyard itself states, this boat “combines the rationality of a trawler and the excitement of a grand tourer yacht”.

Spacious as
a trawler,
fast like an
express cruiser,
easy to handle like
a pilot boat

Under a trawler look, T 36 features a planing hull, to have the performance of an express cruiser (30/32 knots top speed, 22/24 cruise) estimated by the yard depending on whether you opt for twin 260 or 300 HP engines, both Volvo Penta D4 combined with sterndrives.
The nature of a cruiser boat, on the other hand, is clear not only in the interior volumes but also in being adaptable to different needs. The layout belowdecks is available in two solutions, with two cabins and two heads or three cabins and a bathroom. So whether you like large groups or more intimate cruises, you can always find an answer to your needs.

Cranchi XT 36 Layout sottocoperta 3 cabine 1 bagno_1

Cranchi XT 36 Layout sottocoperta 2 cabine 2 bagni_1
In short, T 36 reveals the good performance of an express cruiser, a large saloon that takes advantage of the vertical superstructure, like on trawlers, a customizable layout typical of large boats, all under ten meters of LH. In a word: crossover. In an acronym: T 36.

Cranchi XT 36 Layout coperta_1
So, stay tuned for the debut of this new model in Fall 2017. And if you want to read the test of another very good Cranchi model, here’s our latest.

The numbes of Cranchi T 36

  • Length overall                              11.70 m (38ft 4in)
  • Length LH                                     9.99 m (32ft 9in)
  • Beam                                               3.49 m (11ft 5in)
  • Displacement w engines             8.500 Kg
  • Engines                                          Volvo Penta D4 2×260/2×300 HP, sterndrives
  • Fuel reserve                                  600 l (158 US gal)
  • Fresh water reserve                     100 l (26 US gal)
  • Passengers                                     12
  • CE design category                       B

New models on
an evolution of
production with
robotic technology
and human ability:
here’s the status of Cranchi

Cranchi has more in the pipeline for 2018. The yard is actually working on new projects that will further extend the range of boat sizes, in the various product ranges, from fly to open boats, through the hardtop ones and trawlers.
All this with the closest collaboration with the designer Christian Grande, who with his stylistic verve, always bold and never indelicate, is giving a characteristic aesthetic connotation to the new generation of Cranchis. This partnership is part of a broader investment made by the Northern-Italy yard, which has sided the top designer with modern production technologies, to offer properly, fully advanced boats.
Today, Cranchi’s boats are born in state-of-the-art infrastructures not only for the last-gen robotics and the production methodology, which matches the precision of machines with the experience of craftsmen, but also for the R&D division, active with new materials, new techniques, and new procedures to keep up with the advancement of progress.
So it’s time to have the proof of so many words: follow Cranchi at the upcoming fairs, starting with Cannes Yachting Festival from 12 to 17 September.

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