Scanner INO 310 S Jet: the tender according to Montemitro Design

Leave nothing unattended, and even a tender will become an exclusive craft. As it is with Scanner INO 310 S Jet, small yet charming and comfortable.

Nowadays even a dinghy is considered part of the yacht that houses it: so they must feature the same colors, care of detail and charm. For this very reason, Montemitro Design has decided to develop Scanner INO 310 S Jet, the smallest model in the lineup of the Italian builder. It had to meet the technical requirements proper of big yachts, and to do so they could forget a modern and functional design. Let’s not forget the first feature of all Scanner models: customization. Even if this model measures just 3 meters (3.10 to be precise), the yard is able to satisfy even complicated technical requirements, so in the end every single rib is a “bespokeproject.


Scanner INO 310 S Jet: design and technology

It is powered by a Textron Motors 850 engine coupled with waterjet propulsion: a state-of-the-art solution for performance, operating costs, ease of use, and easy stowage in the aft garage. The tubulars are made in hypalon-neoprene and the fiberglass parts are thick enough to withstand hard loads and the numerous launches and hauls typical of this type of craft.

In building Scanner INO 310 S Jet much attention went to the load capacity, making the best use of space and volumes, without forgetting the technical aspects: hull and propulsion have been carefully developed and piloting one of these tenders is sheer pleasure. So much so that, onboard a yacht, INO 310 S Jet will not be used just for transportation needs, but also like a water toy for guests’ fun.


The numbers of Scanner INO 310 S Jet

  • Length                         3.10
  • Beam                            1.70
  • Tubular material       hypalon-neoprene 1100dtex
  • Engine                         Textron Engine 850 jet 120 HP
  • Weight                        400
  • Passengers                 4
  • Design                        D. Montemitro Design

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