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New in 2018: Besenzoni SC 107, SP 602 and P242 at Monaco Yacht Show

The exclusive location will stage the debut of Besenzoni SC 107, SP 602 and P242. An important statement for the renown Italian supplier.

Between Cannes and Genoa…Montecarlo won. Better, the most exclusive stage around for boating business, the Monaco Yacht Show , scheduled from 27 to 30 September. This is where the Italian company will bring their wide range of products, all customizable to clients’ needs. In particular, three novelties will be introduced: Besenzoni SC 107, a carbon-fiber bathing ladder, SP 602 hydraulic ladder and gangway, and P242 Seagull automatic armchair with special armrests for joystick and controls installation.


Bensenzoni SC 107: a carbon fiber bathing ladder

It’s a handy and practical manual model, that can be used comfortably on the stern or on the sides: the steps are made in teak, while the structure and handlebars are foldable for convenient on-board stowage. Like all their bathing ladders, Besenzoni SC 107 is characterized by high aesthetic and functional contents that perfectly fit with the boat on which it is used. It can have five or seven steps, and is also available with stainless steel frame.

Besenzoni SP 602 is an automatic, hydraulic ladder and gangway that combines the dual function and is suitable for both stern and lateral installation. Its painted or polished stainless steel frame allows tilting up or down, still the steps leveled in the horizontal position. The size of the first step, deemed a proper access platform, can be customized and, when closed, the ladder disappears completely into an aluminum casing.


P 242 Seagull automatic armchair is a piloting seat whose key feature is ergonomics: the model on display in Monaco will feature special armrests, suitable for the installation of a joystick and other controls, upon customer’s will. Among the salient features is the power height, backseat tilt and horizontal slide adjustments. The chair manually rotates by 180° (90° clockwise and 90° anti-clockwise), while the standard hide is vinyl or leather, but the customer can choose a different one if desired, even with diamond pattern, customizable with seams and threads of different colors.
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