New in 2018: Yamaha WaveRunner VX gives more technology for a reduced price

Jet_skis are not yet encountering the attention they deserve, but these new models from Yamaha promise to break the distance that separates them from a large number of potential users.

The four new Yamaha WaveRunner VX are designed to bring the world of water bikes to a new generation of riders, sportsmen and even families.


Three passengers, three cylinders, much fun

With the new Yamaha WaveRunner VX, the “three-forks” manufacturer wanted to match performance, maneuverability and reliability in a cheaper, more powerful and friendlier three-seater model. A new challenge that has led to this series, designed for sportsmen and families who want to enter the world of water bikes. The VX models are powered by a beefed-up version of the Yamaha TR-1 engine, a three-cylinder that is 40% smaller and 20% lighter than the previous four-cylinder MR-1.
Despite their affordable price, Yamaha WaveRunner VX are equipped with the exclusive RiDE system for advanced throttle control, thus simplifying driving experience: to advance just press the lever on the right handlebar, to reverse the left one; when at a constant pace, the lever on the left handlebar also allows to slow down. This means total simplicity even for beginners, who will also appreciate the increased safety and comfort offered by the feeling of strength coming from the hull, tested in the most extreme conditions.
Intuitive and easy-to-use multi-function dials, large and practical watertight storage compartments, comfortable foot-wells and even a climbing step, are just some of the features that allow for a better navigation experience. There is also a tow hook and two large rear-view mirrors for water skiing.


With the arrival of the new models of the Yamaha WaveRunner VX range, the offer by the Japanese giant for 2018 grows and gets richer. Here is the line up:
FX Series. High performance levels matched to ultimate in luxury: the range has expanded to four models and includes SVHO FX, FX Cruiser SVHO, FX HO and FX Cruiser HO.
EX Series. Designed for family fun, the three models combine extraordinary affordability among three-seaters with high performance, stability, ease of driving and reduced costs.
VX Series. The range (14 models!) includes the four new models, feature-rich but with great value for money.
GP1800. High performance and competitions: the most powerful model, along with VXR and without forgetting the SuperJet, is another Yamaha legend in the racing world, exclusively dedicated to competitive use.

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