Raymarine and Schenker: how to manage the desalinator through the touchscreen

 The target is clear and a must-agree: be able to control all onboard features from the touch-screens on the dashboard.

So, in order to get to integrate the monitoring systems among devices, here comes an interesting technical collaboration between Raymarine and Schenker, two leading companies in their respective fields: Raymarine for electronic instruments and Schenker Watermakers in the energy-recovery desalination industry.


With Raymarine and Schenker the water is under control

Thanks to this technical collaboration, it is now possible to directly manage the functions of the Schenker desalinators via the brand new Raymarine navigation systems. For example, through the Axiom multifunction monitor, the new quad-core OS and Chirp technology and RealVision 3D echo-sounder which shows three-dimensional images of the sea bottom.


Raymarine and Schenker want to meet the increasing demand from boaters who are more and more aware of the integration and ease of use of all the equipment installed on board, including the desalinators. The interface between the two devices is not bound to the communication protocols currently used in the nautical environment. This facilitates the system configuration which is simple and fast, and facilitates the implementation of new features. Working directly on the Raymarine Axiom touchscreen you can not only activate or stop the watermaker, but handle some essential controls such as, the “washing” function for rinsing the internal circuit of the plant.


The Raymarine -Schenker interface is already available on the market and in the near future additional features will be implemented: for example, it will be possible to manage automatic watermaker activation according to the freshwater level, while displaying all the information and settings on the multi-function display.
The system integration interface box is a device marketed by Schenker Watermakers and is part of the available options for Schenker systems equipped with a digital control unit.
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