New for 2018: the innovative Suzuki DF100B which deserved more publicity

Its only fault has been to be launched along with the top of the range DF350A: During Genoa Boat Show Suzuki Marine also introduced the interesting Suzuki DF100B.
Lightness, thus a first class power-to-weight ratio are the main pluses of this new outboard motor, which excels in the technology field. Thanks to its weight of only 157 Kg, Suzuki DF100B is one of the lightest outboards in its power range, allowing it to ensure sport performance also to the owner of a boat medium size.


Suzuki DF100B has a family

Along with DF70A, DF80A and DF90A, different power steps on the same block, the 100 HP version carries some technical peculiarities of the Suzuki range. First, it’s a small unit, with a center of gravity close to the transom to improve balance and reduce vibration. In addition to this, the Suzuki DF100B has a two-stage reduction gear (the first between the crankshaft and the drive shaft, the second inside the gearbox) for a final value of 2.59:1. A solution that provides a higher torque value, enabling a larger propeller – with reduced regression – to be mounted.

Thanks to a weight
of just 157 Kg,
Suzuki DF100B
is one of the lightest
outboard motor in its
power range

In addition, the Suzuki DF100B, like the rest of the range, is characterized by the adoption of Lean Burn, the combustion system developed by Suzuki which varies the ratio between fuel (gasoline) and comburent (oxygen in the air) in favor of the latter, significantly cutting off consumption and emissions, especially when cruising at constant speed.
The thermal unit has a displacement of 1502 cc (91.6 ci), with online four architecture and 16-valve distribution with double overhead camshaft. A sophisticated electronic management system monitors its operation and includes the Easy Start System, the simplified system by Suzuki which no longer requires the key to be rotated until the engine is on.
Among the other peculiarities of the new Suzuki DF100B there is the shaft. Thanks to a detailed hydrodynamic study, an extremely accurate shape increases efficiency up to 36% than more conventional designs.
As with any Suzuki outboard, starting with the DF40A, the distribution is entrusted to a chain instead of the traditional belt, for greater reliability and less maintenance. The chain works in an oil bath and is regulated by an automatic hydraulic tensioner.
Specific news only for DF100B is the Water Detecting System: thanks to a filter on the supply circuit with a sensor inside it, a light and an alarm can warn the driver of the presence of water in the fuel. Another interesting feature is the Tilt Limit System which can prevent damage to the boat or what’s around in launching and hauling operations.


This new Suzuki also uses the Suzuki Anti-Corrosion Finish, based on a film covering every metal part of the outboard, which is then covered with various layers of epoxy primer, acrylic paint (Black Metallic or White, depending on the version, among Nebular Black or White liveries) and transparent “Topcoat”, again acrylic.
Speaking of details that can make a difference, the new DF100B has a very effective system for removing any residue from the cooling circuit, whether it is salt, sand or any other dirt. Thanks to two separate inlets from where to pump fresh water into the circuit, the cooling system can be kept in shape quickly and easily, even though the operation is carried out with the boat in water, preventing dangerous accumulation that could undermine the integrity of the engine itself.
Last but not least, it’s worth reminding anglers that among the Suzuki DF100B options there’s the Troll Mode System, which allows to adjust the boat’s idling speed simply with a button and not with the throttle lever, so ideal for fish trolling. When in Troll mode, the engine speed can be adjusted by pushing the button with intervals of 50 rpm, from 650 up to 1,200 rpm.

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