Delphia Bluescape 1200: hot to fulfill the definition of “slow cruising”

It’s a totally different way of living the sea, and for some it’s the best one. The “thrill” of cruising at 10 knots (barely) as a way of enjoying all the rest: this is Delphia Bluescape 1200.
Why shoud you take the metropolitan frenzy even at sea? Who said that to hauling from port to port should be a race against time? Lots of sailors are ready to agree to this statement, and in fact, the Delphia Bluescape 1200 winks to many of them who, fed up of staying in the harbor due to lack of crew, are thinking of giving up “sheets and winches” for an equally pleasing, but much easier navigation.


Delphia Bluescape 1200: the test

It’s worth to slip moorings immediately and proof our statements. The sea outside the port of Genoa is still quite chopped, an ideal condition for checking this boat, too often dubbed as a “canal” boat. As I expected the speed is the real limit: we can’t even reach 10 knots, although I’m told that in calm sea the reading can be slightly more. What is surprising to me is that at 2200 rpm, a speed which is quick to reach, we’re already at 9.2 knots and use just 32 liters of fuel per hour. The only issue at “high” speed is a little lift from the nose, which hinders tie front visibility if you’re not on the tall side, like me.


About the propulsion: here we have two Nanni Diesel 140 HP, where the alternative is a single Yanmar delivering 220 HP (still diesel). The latter solution probably seems a little risky, but the reliability of modern engines may help in going for the single unit which also means saving some money. If I had to choose myself, I’d still go for the twin version. Call me old-style if you want…


Despite the chopped water, the stability of the Delphia Bluescape 1200 is remarkable, and the passage on the waves is rather soft: so in the end cruising on moderate sea is not a dream. The feeling is to be always under control, but of course the low speed helps.
Beside the little nose-up I mentioned above, from inside the visibility is good, and thanks to the side door you can reach the bow or the stern very quickly. I am also impressed by the tight turning radius: you can turn on a dime, which is really surprising for a traditional shaft transmission. Another curious fact is when I try to use only one engine, as I still can reach 8.3 knots at 3000 rpm (and 7.6 knots at 2500 rpm, 6.3 knots at 2000).
The last test is about maneuverability: thanks to both bow and stern propellers, docking is a piece of cake.


About the interiors of Delphia Bluescape 1200

A flybridge version is available, probably helping to make this model a little less “nordic” by increasing the outdoor areas. Because, one of the limits I can find to this Delphia Bluescape 1200 is to offer very little open space: the cockpit is entirely covered by the top overhang and even the sun roofs are rather small. OK, the fore solarium is not that limited, but tanning lovers may not have enough. All in all, Delhia is designed to live the boat all year round, and its philosophy has to be embraced as a whole.

The photos you see enhance the coziness of the interiors. Sure, the furnishings confirm the will to offer a rather simple boat, but the consequence on the price is positive and I agree with the choice of the boatyard.

Everything you need is there, and it is also well dimensioned. The test model features two cabins that can turn into four; I do not like the “beehive” layouts, so I find this the perfect solution. The master cabin to bow has an en-suite with WC, sink and even a washing machine, while the guests’ room to starboard has a second heads with separate shower.
As I said, everything is very rational, not blingey but very well built and, above all, consistent with the whole design and philosophy of the boat..


The numbers of Delphia Bluescape 1200

  • Length overall               12.45 m (40ft 10in)
  • Length LH 12.00 m (39ft 4in)
  • Beam 4.26 m (13ft 11in)
  • Draft 0.84 m (2ft 9in)
  • Displacement 8500 Kg
  • Engines Nanni Diesel 2×140 HP
  • Fuel reserve 600 l (158 US gal)
  • Fresh water reserve 600 l (158 US gal)
  • Passengers 8
  • CE design category C/B
  • Designer Andrzej Skrzat & Tony Castro


    rpm        knots     mph  lph     nm/l       range*     dB

  • 800          3,8        4,4    1         3,80        1824         58
  • 1000        4,0        4,6    3,6     1,11            533         58
  • 1500         5,5        6,3    10      0,55           264        61
  • 2000        7,0        8,1    22      0,32           153         65
  • 2500        8,4        9,7    32      0,26           126        68
  • 3000       9,7         11,2   56      0,17             83        73

*(20% reserve)

Test condition

  • Moderate sea, clean hull, fuel 220 l (58 US gal), water 280 l (73 US gal), passengers 5

Indicative price, VAT not included

  • Delphia Escape 1200, one engine from            € 175.000

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