New in 2018: Mercury 15-20 EFI Four Stroke make navigation even easier

Because, Mercury 15-20 EFI Four Stroke is the first portable outboard motor in the world whose tiller can be operated either right- or left-handed. In addition, it’s easy to start, light, efficient and quiet.

The new engine also features an adjustable vertical stopper to fit all types of boats, blocking the height and the tiller angle in the optimum position. In addition to this, the Mercury 15-20 EFI Four Stroke is also one of the lightest motors in the market in its power range, and with the latest innovations it cuts another five kilos for a total of 45 kilos, a fundamental figure for an engine that wants to be easily transportable.


All is simple with Mercury 15-20 EFI Four Stroke

Switching from one driving mode to the other is very simple: just press the red button at the end of the tiller and the rotation of the accelerator knob reverses on the other side, so you can choose the position that best suits to your needs and the conformation of the boat, which does not always allow you to sit where you would.

To switch from one driving
mode to the other it is
enough to press the red button
at the tip of the tiller

The Mercury 15-20 EFI Four Stroke also offers the option of choosing the rudder optimum vertical steering angle, handling it in a range from -5° to +10°, to best suit it to any installations. Mercury has also provided a tilt lock function at a 73° angle. Add to this a particularly ergonomic knob thanks to the large soft rubber handle, and the power tilt that allows you to tilt the engine effortlessly into shallow water or to carry on the trailer.


The block is the well known two-cylinder two-valve, four-stroke displacing 333cc, available with manual or electric start for both 15 HP and 20 HP.
If you are thinking to go with a bit more power, then consider the Mercury F40 EFI PRO

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