Capelli Tempest TE900 WA with Yamaha F250: it’s not the same, and it’s not slow either

Don’t think of it as a “déjà vu”: Capelli Tempest TE900 WA with two Yamaha F250 outboards is brand new and will surprise many.

The acronym is not new: this is indeed one of the most successful models of the Capelli range. But a restyling, after years of commercial success, was needed: and here on test is the new version of the Capelli Tempest TE900 WA, with the biggest news being below deck, with a completely revised cabin feaaturing also a separate heads. Let’s get into the water then.


Capelli Tempest TE900 WA: the test

This RIB / motor package is offered by Yamaha Marine, longtime partner of the Capelli yard. The powertrain with twin Yamaha F250 is the maximum available, and here it’s completed by three-blade, 17″ steel propellers. I am therefore not surprised by the firm and powerful progression of the Capelli Tempest TE900 WA: if anything I appreciate the beautiful navigation on a swell that could case some problems. Not on this boat, with the hull returning a pleasant feeling of safety even making weird maneuvers.


The top speed touches 50 knots, even excessive for a 9-meter rib: maybe going for smaller engines would be a good choice. And what about acceleration…4.8 seconds to get into planing, and 9.8 to reach 40 knots. If you are a speed freak it’s ok, if you look for quiet cruising there’s far too much. Also because fuel consumption is in line with the exuberance of the engines: at top speed, 150 l / h are needed, although when cruising at 20 knots and 3000 rpm it goes down to a soothing 44 l / h, becoming 23.5 l / h at the minimum plane speed of 12 knots.


Capelli Tempest TE900 WA is a…walkaround

Maybe I was a bit simplistic to reckon the cabin as the only innovation introduced with Capelli Tempest TE900 WA 2.0: actually even the deck has been subjected to a review. For example, at the stern, the sofa has a practical reclining back that allows to increase the area dedicated to the solarium, for a total of 2.60 sqm, so the dinette can quickly transform from living area with a teak table to sundeck.
The driver and co-driver seat is comfortable whether you want to stand or sit. If anything, the console without the multi-function screen looks a bit unadorned even if the information (really complete) on the navigation is assured by the Yamaha instruments. The windshield is protective and the stainless steel frame is a safe handrail to reach the bow, in combination with fairly sized passageways and a sturdy side rail.


The bow area is characterized by the spacious sundeck, 3,90 square meters, with a comfortable padded seatback integrated into the console. The anchor winch is under the walking surface and the rail has a practical access to the bow to get on board, but also to dive.
Finally down to the aforementioned cabin with its double bunk that I imagine can also accommodate a small dinette, in case of unfortunate change of weather. To port there is also a sink with a 48-liter refrigerator underneath, but the news is the separate heads to starboard, very practical and well-sized.
The standard equipment includes full external and internal cushions, black water tank, gas and water tanks, aft deck covered in flexiteak, seastar hydraulic steering and electric winch.


The numbers of Capelli Tempest TE900 WA

  • Length overall                            9.50 m (31ft 2in)
  • Beam                                              3.30 m (10ft 10in)
  • Tubular diameter                      0.65 m (26 in)
  • Tubular material                       Orca 1670 dtex
  • Displacement                             2400 Kg
  • Engines                                         Yamaha F250 2×250 HP
  • Fuel reserve                                 370 l (97 US gal)
  • Fresh water reserve                  60 l (15 US gal)
  • Passengers                                   18


        rpm              knots         mph           lph           nm/l           range*           dB

  • 600               3,0             3,5             4,8           0,63               185                 61
  • 1000             6,0             6,9             9,8           0,61               181                 69
  • 1500             8,0             9,2             14             0,57               169                 70
  • 2000            11,0            12,7           23             0,48              142                  73
  • 2500            16,0            18,4           35            0,46               135                 76
  • 3000            22,0           25,3           44            0,50               148                 79
  • 3500            27,0            31,1            59            0,46              135                  81
  • 4000            32,0           36,8           80            0,40              118                  83
  • 4500            37,0           42,6            102          0,36               107                85
  • 5000            40,0           46,0           117           0,34               101                 85
  • 5500            44,0           50,6            143          0,31                91                  85
  • 6000            50,0           57,6            151           0,33               98                 87

*(20% reserve)

Test conditions

  • Smooth sea, clean hull, fuel 90 l (23 US gal), no fresh water, 2 passengers

Indicative price (VAT not included)

  • Yamaha F250 DETX 2×250 HP € 111.065
  • Yamaha F200 GETX 2×200 HP € 105.557
  • Yamaha F350 AETU 1×350 HP € 98.196

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