The new Simrad NSS evo3 is more powerful and easier to use

The new multi-purpose display Simrad NSS evo3 opens new sceneries for electronic support to anglers, and for an ever-more connected boat.

Anglers, but not only. Counting on increasingly evolved instruments to have a continuous support to navigation is a need felt by everyone, by fishermen but also by leisure boaters, who think that having a a surplus of accurate and detailed information is an important safety element when they venture into the sea. Many will therefore welcome this sophisticated Simrad NSS evo3 multifunction display with a whole new range of features.

Why Simrad NSS evo3 is special

The Simrad NSS evo3 series features 16, 12, 9 and 7-inch models with an updated and easy-to-use interface on ‘TouchSensible’ touch screen, plus keyboard, plus rotary control knob, making the device easy to use when the boat is moving and in all weather conditions. The interface is reliable and provides faster access to connected technologies: the Exit, Power and MOB buttons have been redesigned and moved to the corners of the keyboard for easy access in low light conditions. The new menu and cursor buttons have been clustered for quick and easy handling when the user is blocking the touch.

The new rotary knob can be set to access a wide range of custom functions or automatic direct control. The intuitive, new touchscreen software offers greater accuracy with switching modes and access to pages that are easy to understand. A single, long press on the cursor immediately opens the settings menu for the favorite functions. Improving the sonar recording menu allows the user to always view the latest sonar data and never miss a target.

The Simrad SolarMAX HD screen technology offers high definition images and clarity with extremely wide viewing angles, perfect for both sunlight and night vision. The difference in the evolution of the Simrad NSS evo3 comes from IPS (In-Plane Switching) screens that offer superior color accuracy and high definition to improve compression readings. PPI Halo radar pulse and CHIRP dual-channel sonar come to the rescue when target separation is critical. LED backlighting and optimized contrast levels further improve the use and ability to see clearly in the most varied sea conditions. Water-proofing has been taken to a new level: the touchscreen works with precision even under splashes and bad weather, and with either fresh or salt water.


Designed for anglers who require an ideal fishing sonar, the dual channel CHIRP ensures wide-angle sonar images and depths from the same probe or multiple probes. Simrad NSS evo3 with integrated CHIRP sonar is practical and designed for a simultaneous view of the two CHIRP channels, so you can cover a wider area and mark shoal more clearly, thanks to the Network Dual Sounder technology which allows to obtain data from a network CHIRP probes from all cockpits, with the ability to display multiple sonars simultaneously.

Simrad NSS evo3 is ready to equip the next generation of boats connected with an internal 10 Hz GPS antenna, complete integration of the autopilot, an engine management interface and the TripIntel computer. The navigation is so simple because it’s calculated on fuel autonomy, tide and detailed history of previous trips. The integrated wifi allows access to GoFree online services for downloading software updates and getting a wide range of global mapping solutions, offering displays for smartphones and tablet control to extend the screen coverage well beyond the dashboard. With GoFree wireless technology and the new Simrad Network Analyzer Service Assistant, Simrad NSS evo3 keeps the entire system up-to-date, automatically downloads and installs the latest software, not just for the display, but for all compatible modules connected via NMEA2000 or Ethernet.

Simrad NSS Evo3 is compatible with the widest selection of optional mappings on the market, including customizable Insight Genesis cards, C-MAP Insight PRO, C-MAP Lake Insight HD, C-MAP MAX-N +, Navionics and more . The maps can be downloaded fthrough wifi or installed via double microSD ports.

Here’s the indicative prices:

  • NSS16 evo3 MFD with C-MAP                                     € 5.499
  • NSS12 evo3 MFD with C-MAP                                     € 3.499
  • NSS9 evo3 MFD with C-MAP                                       € 2.299
  • NSS7 evo3 MFD with C-MAP                                       € 1.499

Now Simrad is also availavle as OEM, standard on all Bavaria Boats.


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