Invictus 280TT: definitely, Tender To…

Enhancing prestige and functionality is the mission of Invictus 280TT. Mission accomplished indeed, thanks to the original layout and the proven hull.

280 is a lucky number for Invictus and their designer Christian Grande: on this size many new line-ups have been debuted by the Aschenez boatyard. The TT letters name the tender version, which is opposed to GT that is designed for cruising, with a cabin for a few nights on board. Common to both models of the T range a larger hull at waterline, the construction technology, and the original “crooked nose” that can be deemed the characterizing element. On Invictus 280TT  the main distinctive element is the bulky rubbing strake on the sides, to hint a “professional” look.

Invictus 280TT: the test

The model under test is the one normally rented by Nautica Bertelli (Invictus dealer for Center-North Italy, Austria and Switzerland), and right from the Paratico pier, on the southern shore of Lake Iseo, we start our test. What conquers me from the beginning, is the great maneuverability of the boat: the turning radius is very tight and, along with it, sudden changes of direction are faced with total ease. The lake is calm and therefore I have to create plenty of “artificial” waves, but it’s a useless effort because Invictus 280TT faces them without problems. Once again, this is a confirmation for the qualities of the hull and the solidity of the construction.

What conquers me
from the beginning
is the

of the boat

Being this a boat usually available for rent, it is normal that the propeller is not among the best in terms of top performance. Add to this the fact that there’s no software for fuel consumption figures: we have to stick to what Volvo Penta states: in 5800 rpm as maximum rev speed, and 111 liters per hour swallowed by the engine. We can’t reach that speed even trimming the motor, and that is a confirmation that the boat available for rent is slightly tuned down. Despite this, it is a pleasure to pilot it as the phonometric data confirm: check the chart below.

Invictus 280TT in five points

Invictus boats conquered many boaters since the beginning, for a distinctive look and high-end materials. Invictus 280TT wins on the siblings for some aspects. Here’s why.

  • You will never get unnoticed. Bent nose, bulky strake, refined finishing: everything is made to catch attention.



  • The foredeck can be a recessed solarium or a cosy dinette. It’s on you. In both cases the front-facing settee is almost a chaise-longue, and you will enjoy it. If the sun’s too hot just mount the awning on four carbon-fiber poles.

  • The helm station is cool, rational and can protect two persons from the wind and sprays. Still, it leaves ground to two comfortable passageways which connect bow and aft like an unencumbered deck.



  • To aft, the triple choice is among a bench, a solarium or a dinette. Then there’s a grill cabinet, just hindered by the tricky opening mechanism (yes, it is electrically assisted, but still it requires to tilt the driver’s seats). Many stowage areas can be found around, in-board of the gunwales, in the lockers, and even inside the engine room beside the V-8 Volvo Penta.

  • A look at the cabin confirms the day-boat tendency of Invictus 280TT. Not much space beside what you need to put on your swim suit. Yes, but there’s room for a lot of gear, and you will be happy to know that in case there is even a potty.

The numbers of Invictus 280TT

  • Length overall                                     8.90 m (29ft 2in)
  • Beam                                                     2.94 m (9ft 8in)
  • Displacement                                       2860 Kg
  • Engine                                                   Volvo Penta V8 350 HP
  • Fuel reserve                                          530 l (140 US gal)
  • Fresh water reserve                             70 l (18 US gal)
  • Passengers                                             8
  • CE design category                              B
  • Designer                                                 Christian Grande


    rpm            knots           mph       dB

  • 600              0,6              0,7           55
  • 1000            3,9              4,5           58
  • 1500            6,2              7,1            62
  • 2000           7,4               8,5           65
  • 2500            9,2              10,6         71
  • 3000           12,0            13,8          79
  • 3500            17,0            19,6         81
  • 4000           23,0            26,5        81
  • 4500           28,0            32,2        84
  • 5000           32,0            36,8        85
  • 5400           35,0            40,3        86

Test conditions

  • Calm water, clean hull, fuel 500 l (132 US gal), water 40 l (10 US gal), 3 passengers

Indicative price (VAT not included)

  • With Volvo Penta V8 350 HP gas                           € 88640
  • MerCruiser 3.0 TDI 260 HP diesel                        € 97640

Stick to the length, change the layout; here’s another good piece from Invictus

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