Sessa KL30 is a comeback in style

A new dawn for Sessa boatyard means also the comeback of the Ley Largo range. A new name but the same charm for this Sessa KL30.

Day-cruiser boats have represented for years the backbone of the offer of many yards. It is therefore not surprising that the “new” Sessa Marine has re-introduced the Key Largo models, which has been a reference in their market segment for years. Along with Mercury Marine Italy, who provided the two 250 Verados with an exclusive blue livery, here I am ready to test the new Sessa KL30.

Sessa KL30: the test

The sea is rough and the sky is lead-gray: definitely not the ideal conditions to appreciate a “solar” daycruiser like the Sessa KL30. The color choices of the yard, however, have their effect and the boat (and definitely the light blue motor cowlings) still look cool.

The propellers are steel, three-blade 17-inch Mercury Enertia. Considering the performance it’s a very good choice: a top speed of 46 knots is even too much for a boat designed for mid-range cruising. Maybe going for smaller engines is enough, saving money and fuel.

The two Verados are really exuberant and, despite a rather challenging sea, they grant a good pace on the waves. The hull of Sessa KL30 performs even in extreme conditions: extreme enough, to let you understand, to keep on land most of the boaters. The boat proves to be agile and seaworthy, it also safely handles unnatural maneuvers and shows a reassuring grip in sharp turns. The windshield and driving position are excellent and ergonomic, either sitting or standing up.

The “excessive” top speed of 46 knots means a very high fuel consumption, that is why it’s better to slow down at 20 knots and burn an acceptable 60 liters per hour. If you are running on the last drops, you can slow down to 15 knots (the slowest pace before you go back to displacing) and use 44 lph, with the engines running at 2900 rpm.
And when back to harbor, you can enjoy the Mercury Joystick Piloting System, always useful for flawless maneuvers when friends are watching you from the docks.

Sessa KL30: on board

Once aboard, the quality of the finishing is the same we remember on “old” Key Largos, which is a relief. The only aspect I really don’t like is the awning: ugly to see and noisy even when at rest. As it’s a necessary thing, I would suggest to redesign it and go for a hiding one.

As for the layout, the traditional setup of the features is enriched by nice touches of teak here and there and by the abundance of lockers and storage compartments.
The sleek yet rational dashboard provides all the information thanks to a single device: Mercury Vessel View screen has everything you need.

Moving to bow, the solarium is so large that in order to get to the anchor winch a portion of the cushion is detachable. Belowdecks once again the quality of the materials is impressive. There’s enough space for a V-shaped dinette, transformable into a double berth, a small kitchenette and a heads. Behind the companionway a single berth is better be used as an additional stowage compartment.

The numbers of Sessa KL30

  • Length overall                                    9.01 m (29ft 6in)
  • Length LH                                           8.93 m (29ft 3in)
  • Beam                                                    2.99 m (9ft 9in)
  • Displacement                                     3.000 Kg (without engines)
  • Engines                                                Mercury Verado 2×250 HP
  • Passengers                                          10
  • CE design category                            B


    • rpm         knots       mph         lph           nm/l        dB
  • 550          2,0           2,3            3,8           0,53         52
  • 1000        5,0           5,8           8,5           0,59         58
  • 1500         7,0           8,1            13             0,54         63
  • 2000       9,0           10,4          22             0,41         69
  • 2500        11,0          12,7          32            0,34         71
  • 3000       13,0         15,0            51             0,25         73
  • 3500        21,0         24,2          63            0,33         76
  • 4000       27,0          31,1           83            0,33         77
  • 4500        31,0          35,7          113           0,27         80
  • 5000        34,0         39,1         144           0,24         82
  • 5500        37,0          42,6        186          0,20          84
  • 5900        46,0         52,9        195           0,24         88

Test conditions

  • Rough sea, clean hull, fuel 260 l, no fresh water, 2 passengers

Indicative price (VAT not included)

  • Without engines                                from € 105.000

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