Jeanneau Merry Fisher 1095: should we call it merry cruiser?

The new Jeanneau Merry Fisher 1095 has all the features of the range, but it’s also a good boat for family cruises.

We beg your pardon for the pun, but it’s the quickest way to describe the attitude of Jeanneau Merry Fisher 1095. On one hand, the spirit of a fishing boat, more in the genral architecture than in the details. On the other hand, space and features good for a comfortable cruise for a whole family, even a rather large one.

10 meters, two motors, three cabins

The French boatyard claims that it was possible to build a larger boat (10 meters and a half) thanks to the evolution of outboard engines. And in fact, with standard units that easily deliver 350 HP (but with amazing exceptions), even the 34 feet of this model can allow an external motorization, of course twin. Therefore, you get excellent performance and good handling, thanks to a hull designed specifically for outboards.

The flagship of the Merry Fisher range has large, modular spaces on the outside, with a cockpit levelled with the swim platforms (even if only the starboard one is accessible) equipped with a C-shaped dinette that surrounds a removable table. But to leave their space even to anglers, the benches can fold up.

Where Jeanneau Merry Fisher 1095
has an ace up its sleeve is
belowdecks: there are no less
than three cabins for guests

The 1095 is a transformer also inside, where the seat of the main dinette face both directions, in order to seat with the captain or stay at the table: the same dinette becomes a double berth if necessary. A complete kitchenette is located on the starboard side, with stowage spaces both in the low cabinet and in the ones above the large window.



Where Jeanneau Merry Fisher 1095 has an ace up its sleeve is belowdecks: there are no less than three cabins for guests and a separate heads. The main cabin is to bow, then another is on the port side, partially below the cockpit, and a third one to starboard can take the night berths up to six or serve as a further storage room for four passengers. Waiting to see and test it personally, so far it seems that the new Merry Fisher flagship has good credentials.


The numbers of Jeanneau Merry Fisher 1095

  • Length overall                                        5 m (32ft 11in)
  • Length LH                                                95 m (32ft 7in)
  • Beam                                                          35 m (10ft 11in)
  • Draft                                                           69 m (2ft 26in)
  • Displacement without motors        638 Kg
  • Fuel reserve                                             2×400 l (2×106 US gal)
  • Fresh water reserve                              160 l + 100 l (42 + 26 US gal)
  • Berths                                                        4 + 4
  • Cabins                                                        2/3
  • Max output                                              2x 300 CV (HP)
  • CE design category                               B8-C10
  • Designer                                                   Centowski & Denert Design – Jeanneau Design

And if 10 meters are too much, here a Merry Fisher on a smaller scale


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