Tender to: Tecnorib presents Pirelli j33 Azimut special edition

Tecnorib has unveiled the new Pirelli J33 Azimut Special Edition at the Miami Yacht Show. It’s the first Pirelli-branded tender with jet propulsion.

After the first introduction at the Boot Dusseldorf in January, Tecnorib, who builds RIBs with the Pirelli brand, has launched in the US the new Pirelli J33 Azimut Special Edition. It’s not just cobranding: for the manufacturer this is the first model ever to be fitted with a water jet engine, and the first unit of a Pirelli RIBs’ series that they will produce for Azimut.

A tale of two brands

The idea behind Pirelli J33 Azimut is to take the distinctive and iconic features of the Azimut style and combine them with those that characterize the Pirelli RIBs: gelcoat, claddings and colour combinations makes the model a good complement of the yachts by Azimut, while the tubular bear the Pirelli logo and are completed with the rubber insertions that mimick a tyre tread.

As for the layout, it’s what a tender need to feature: no sunpads, but a comfortable piloting seat, with high sides for improved safety, and as many seats as possible in the bow. Being water-jet propelled, the cool driving position with center console and a sporty steering wheel make of it also a very fun thing to pilot alone.


Available on the market starting Spring 2018, Pirelli J33 Azimut Special Edition is being produced in two different versions, called Burgundy Charm and Grey Elegance. The Special Edition features customized options that includes a removable steering wheel, telescopic paddle, fold-down windscreen, Azimut branded tubes and cushions, and the nice dashboard bearing the Azimut logo.


The numbers of Pirelli J33 Azimut Special Edition

  • Length overall            3.30 m
  • Max. beam                  1.67 m
  • Height                          0.94 m
  • Engine                         Textron 850MPE 80hp
  • Passengers                  4
  • Weight                         330 kg
  • Fuel tanks                   45 l

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