Volvo Penta reaches one thousand

Volvo Penta moves up and reaches an important target: The new D13 engine is the most powerful in their history with an output of 1000 horse power. And it doesn’t come alone, with the new IPS1350 transmission for the manufacturers who prefer pods.


The new D13-1000 steps into the 1000HP marine leisure engine market for the first time, and promises to deliver higher performance, greater durability and more comfort than ever before. The inboard engine has an equivalent in the successful IPS range, with the new couple, named IPS1350, good for yachts of up to 120ft.

Volvo Penta D13-1000 takes performance to the next level

In order to reach the 1000HP threshold, Volvo Penta has carried out a major redesign of the 13-liter engine model and drivetrain: new pistons, highly efficient injectors and improved cooling systems, with the result of getting 11 per cent more power than on previous engines. The optimized power-to-weight ratio and excellent low-end torque of the D13-1000 should allow boat owners to go further and faster than ever before.

Among the first boatbuilders to use the new engines is Absolute Yachts, who has always been a pioneer in introducing Volvo Penta novelties thanks to an exclusive partnership with the Swedish manufacturer. You can find some interesting results of this marriage in the tests of Absolute Navetta 58 with IPS800 or Absolute 58 Fly with the same powertrain.


IPS1350 to raise the bar of pods installation

Volvo Penta’s D13-IPS1350 is an integrated package that matches the new D13 engine with an upgraded IPS pod drive. Like it’s always been for the naming these transmissions, IPS1350 means that the 1000HP engine provides the equivalent power of a 1350HP unit when matched to the IPS drive. As a complete package, the new IPS has all the traditional benefits of the system : longer cruising range, higher top speed, reduced fuel consumption and emissions, reduced vibration, and lower onboard noise levels. The configuration also allows for more space on board, even with triple or quadruple installation on a single yacht, with the latter solution providing power to the equivalent of 5400HP.

Some minor upgrades to the IPS pod drive have been made to match the new engine, and Volvo say that these improved features can also be fitted on existing IPS units, although they don’t specify which ones in their press releases. We are investigating and will let you know as soon as we learn more.

Longer cruising range for more leisure time

The D13-IPS1350 has been tested by Volvo Penta in a 68ft yacht, and its reading compared to a 1360HP traditional inboard engine from one of their competitors (they don’t say which one). The Swedish unit was lighter, used 36 per cent less fuel, had faster acceleration and a higher top speed, and lower noise and vibration.

On our side, we can say that Absolute Yachts is once again an early adopter of IPS1350, as you can see in the preview of their largest model ever

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