New in 2018: Otam 85 GTS wants to be a supercar

She has two amazing gullwings which remind of some iconic sport cars and provide flexibility and safety. But Otam 85 GTS want to impress in the first place. An as she does, we hope to see her soon in the water.

Let’s start immediately from the impressive feature: the first sketches of Otam 85 GTS show two supercar-inspired gullwings instead of a traditional hardtop. While in navigation, the lowered wings give a sense of protection with little turbulence, but when at anchor all you have to do is raise the two elements to feel in contact with surrounding nature.

The result is a flexible open that offers the maximum comfort both underway and at anchor.

It’s a team work and we like it

Otam has more than 60 years of experience in motor boating, and especially in the last 20 they started developing fast cruisers with no compromises for seaworthiness and build quality. Now, in the wake of the success of Otam 80 HT, it’s time to think bigger with the 85 GTS. The project was developed with long-standing partner Umberto Tagliavini’s Marine Design, creators of some outstanding hulls for the Italian boatyard, and in collaboration with Niccolò Pasquini and Alessio Riccobaldi from R+P Architecture studio, already working on further Otam Custom Range models.

Otam has performance
in their DNA: the model
will be pushed by twin
2,600 HP MTU engines
for a top speed of 45 knots

For the first time, the owner may choose between several configurations for the bow area, including the possibility of a lounge and coffee table or a spacious sunbathing area.

The sensation of being in contact with the sea is amplified by the open transom, that allows for easy access to the water, and by the bow area, which provides another place to use as either a dining or sunbathing zone, with the maximum level of privacy.

In the shipyard’s tradition, owners of Otam 85 GTS will have the chance to choose and customize every part of the boat, from the interior layout to technical solutions, to the tiniest details.

But Otam has also performance in their DNA: so the model will be pushed by twin 2,600 HP MTU 16V engines, for a top speed of 45 knots and a cruise of 35. Of course the boat will feature Arneson Surface Drives. A “smaller” option consists of two 1,925 HP CAT C32 engines for a top speed of 38 knots and a cruise of 32, still with Arneson transmissions.

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