New in 2018: Azimut Atlantis 51 is even better in navigation

We are finally testing the brand new Azimut Atlantis 51, which promises to be the forefather of a new course for the sub-brand of the Italian shipyard. The path is the right one.

Raise your hand if you have read one too many times the sentence “the spaces are those of much larger boats”. So frequently, that you don’t even give any meaning to it. So, what sentence can we use when aboard the new Azimut Atlantis 51 where the spaces are those of much larger boats, for real? Maybe the photos can help, in order to understand the big effort by Azimut engineers and Neo Design staff, when they created this boat. But let’s see how it behaves in the water.

The test

There’s ten of us on board: it’s close to the normal use of the boat, and it has to be taken into consideration when reading the result. The sea is calm and I can appreciate the good acceleration: not too fast, but fair for a boat that wants to be a family cruiser more than a sport one.

In 8 seconds we are planing and in 26 seconds we reach the maximum speed of 34 knots; but on the way back, in the opposite direction, we exceeded 35 knots. Numbers that can be interesting for a boat tester, maybe not much for the future owner. The minimum planing speed is at 1,770 rpm: 13.7 knots with a consumption of 85 liters per hour. A good figure, that increases to 140 lph if you want to navigate just in excess of 20 knots. Personally, I prefere to set the cruising pace at 25 knots and around 2500 rpm: with a relatively low increase in fuel need, you achieve a 20% speed gain which can can make the difference in long hauling.

The Volvo IPS transmissions remain unbeatable for agility and turning radius. I had not even put them to the test with the joystick inside the harbor, because we all know their precision already. But even at sea and at high speeds, the maneuverability of the Azimut Atlantis 51 doesn’t cease to amaze me. This is also thanks to the shipyard’s designers, as they have been able to create an excellent coupling between the hull and the pods: even the most sudden maneuvers happen in total safety and, as a confirmation of the good construction and design of the hull I reckon the smooth passage on our wake. A note of merit also to the Volvo Interceptors which replace the traditional trim tabs: they are always fast and efficient in ensuring an optimal setting, therefore being never a worry for the driver.

Let’s get inside

Azimut Atlantis 51 is not a simple replacement of the previous 50: saying that is at least reductive. It’s more of a new boat philosophy, and you can feel it immediately when you step on board. I like the the gray-blue flooring in Esthec (optional): the forests are thankful, even if among the custom choices the teak is still available. The synthetic material is a choice recommended by the American dealer, and I think it will find supporters even at our latitudes.

The other news is the internal layout with three cabins and two heads, with no alternatives, in the name of standardized production. Above all the main feature is the large volumes available. It should be noted that the quality of the finishing and the materials marks a big qualitative leap compared to the Atlantis we knew so far: still it’s not at Azimut Yachts level, but very close.


Outside, I like the barbecue (maybe a little small) to aft and the bimini that transforms the fore sundeck into a sort of veranda. The garage under the aft deck is well-sized and hosts the new 3.50-meter Pirelli J33 tender. To separate the cockpit from the salon, an optional glass with door is available, to replace the cheap looking standard Plexiglas. The chaise longue to port is not very practical, it’s more of a “chaise short”, while on the other hand the dashboard excels for the simplicity and rationality of the design.

Talking of the hardtop, the
beautiful metallic gray
(optional) and its design
give boldness to the side view

The windows are particularly clear and the credit seems to be the new supplier: maybe some problems will arise with so much sun, because only the one by the driver can be opened (on the other side it’s an option) and then air circulation is entrusted only to the (wide) sunroof. Talking of the hardtop, the beautiful metallic gray (optional) and its design give boldness to the side view, well complemented by the sleek design of the windows on the sides.

The numbers of Azimut Atlantis 51

  • Length overall ……………………… 16.18 m (53ft 1in)
  • Beam ……………………… 4.55 m (14ft 11)
  • Draft …………………… 0.90 m (2ft 11)
  • Full load displacement ……… 22.000 Kg
  • Engines ……………… Volvo Penta IPS800 2×600 HP
  • Fuel reserve …………… 1.440 l (380 US gal)
  • Fresh water reserve ……………… 450 l (118 US gal)
  • Cabins ……………………… 3
  • Berths …………………… 6
  • Bathrooms ……………………… 2
  • Design ……………………… Neo Design
  • CE design category ………… B


knots    mph    lph    nm/l    range*    dB**    dB***
4,9        5,6       5,7    0,86     990          62        58
7,9        9,1        17      0,46     535         66         61
11,0     12,7       56      0,20    226         69         64
13,0     15,0      84      0,15     178          71         68
18,0     20,7    110      0,16     189          72        68
22,0    25,3    140      0,16     181           74        68
27,0    31,1     169      0,16     184          78         70
31,0    35,7     212      0,15    168           78         71
34,0   39,1     240      0,14    163           78         71
*(20% reserve) **cockpit ***master cabin

Test conditions

Calm sea, fuel 500 l (132 US gal), water 100 l 26 US gal), 10 passengers

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