New for 2019: Pardo 50 debuts in September, one year after the first motor boat from the Yard

Same show, one year after, one extra boat. Pardo Yachts sends an invitation to attend the next Cannes Yachting Festival, where they will debut the new Pardo 50 exactly one year after the smaller sibling.

Entering the world of motor boats with a new brand by Cantiere del Pardo, already famous for Grand Soleil sailing boats, surely was a smart idea: the last Cannes Yachting Festival saw the launch of the Pardo 43, and in the next days and month orders piled up at the sales office, up to – according to their statements – 30 units sold.

High quality for a high end segment

The expectations on the new Pardo 50 are similar, not only because the success of the 43 brought more resources to invest in the evolution of this new project, but also because the boat fits into a segment, (50 feet, 15-16 meters), where the customer’s demand is very high. The segment is that of luxury, long-range cruise boats (the Pardo 50 feaatures an A design category), still manageable without crew and with reasonable maintenance costs.

The cost, if anything, is dictated more by the market segment itself: Pardo 50 aims to the high-end part, where owners are willing to spend extra money in order to have a product with peculiar look, quality and technological features.

In order to enjoy the main
deck even with bad weather,
there’s a large carbon T-top
that covers the cockpit for
an extension of 16 square meters

Like 43, also Pardo 50 is designed by Zuccheri Yacht Design in cooperation with the Cantiere del Pardo technical office and sports the same sleek lines with the already renown straight and reverse bow. The deck is walkaround with tall gunwales, in order to conceal from the outside view the existence of a deckhouse above the vast area below deck, which features two cabins, plus an optional crew space, and two heads.

It must be said that the absolute pursuit of essentiality in external lines drops the hull-side portholes; so the brightness and the ventilation of the cabins are guaranteed by the ones on the sides of the deckhouse: but these do not allow a sea view. Maybe, looking at the philosophy of the project, that this boat is really intended for living outside all the time.
In order to enjoy the main deck even with bad weather, there’s a large carbon T-top mounted on carbon poles that covers the cockpit for an extension of 16 square meters.


The only galley on board the Pardo 50 is on the main deck, and it’s available in two possible solutions: the standard one is located along the side, while the other option is wider and extends over the width of the cockpit. The swim platform is submersible, and two sections of the sides tilt down to create another two platforms.

Pardo 50 on a technical point of view

The keel of Pardo 50 has a an angle of 50° to bow, down to a deadrise of 16°: the same geometry of the 43 which, along with the positioning of the engines as close as possible to the center of gravity, should grant the same stability in navigation of the smaller sibling. The choice of engines, all Volvo Penta with Ips transmissions, space from the standard 600 to the optional 700 and 800.

Not just the power allows a good performance: the construction of the boat aims to lighten the weight as much as possible thanks to vacuum infused lamination for the hull and high-density PVC for the sides, the stern and the deck.

The numbers of Pardo 50

  • Length overall …………… 16.25 m (53ft 3in)
  • Length LH …………… 14.95 m (49 ft 1in)
  • Beam …………… 4.95 m (16ft 3in)
  • Draft …………… 1.23 m (4 ft)
  • Fuel reserve …………… 2.200 l (581 US gal)
  • Fresh water reserve …………… 500 l (132 US gal)
  • Passengers …………… 12 A/ 16 B / 20 C
  • Engines …………… Volvo Penta Ips 600 2 x 435 HP
  • Engines (opt) …………… Volvo Penta Ips 700 2 x 550 HP
  • Engines (opt) …………… Volvo Penta Ips 800 2 x 625 HP
  • General project …………… Zuccheri Yacht Design
  • Design …………… Zuccheri Yacht Design & Cantiere del Pardo
  • CE design category …………… A
  • Build …………… Cantiere del Pardo

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