Torqeedo presents new products for 2018: electric mobility is ever more versatile

A high density battery, a battery pack derived from BMW cars, and an electric saildrive mount to replace the diesel one on sailing boats: Torqeedo has introduced these all at Boot Düsseldorf.

Electric mobility solutions are gaining widespread acceptance in the automotive markets, where they are the main topic along with autonomous drive and shared mobility. In boating, it’s not the same, as only a few examples of hybrid drives have been seen on big yachts. Enter Torqeedo, born in Germany 14 years ago: they have been developing electric solutions for “normal” boats ever since, and during the 2018 German Boat show they introduced three new products.

Three products, one target

The new 48 V battery, Power 48-5000, aims at making the use of AGM or gel batteries for electric mobility obsolete. Due to its long service life and 8-year capacity warranty, it provides a cost-effective lithium battery supply for electric motors up to 10 kW and for all electrical loads on board. It also features high energy density and safety.

Deep Blue, Torqeedo‘s award-winning propulsion system with 40 or 80 HP, can now be supplied by the BMW i8 high-power battery. So, boats with limited space can now take advantage of state-of-the-art automobile battery technology and the highest energy density available in the marine market.


The Cruise Pod propulsion system delivers lightweight and economical electric propulsion for sailboats up to 20 HP equivalent power. With the new Cruise 10.0 FP Saildrive Mount it has become even easier to refit from a diesel saildrive to clean, lightweight electric propulsion using the existing saildrive mounting points.


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