The multifunctional rod holder

A single rod holder for all your fishing needs. Its name is Janco, and it can even be used as a cleat.
Janco is a new and versatile tool: adjustable in various positions, it doesn’t need a tricky installation, but just four tiny holes for mounting the rod-holder support on the waterway.
When Janco is removed, the same support can host a cleat, or a fender holder, or a simple lid. It can rotate 360 degrees, but the swing angle can be limited to a pre-set range or left free, in order to be useful for pumping of the fish.

Made in steel, it’s easy to install and doesn’t weaken the bulwark, therefore it can even be mounted on a rib that has a fiberglass support.
It is ideal for drifting and trolling, both down the coast and in deep waters.

Watch the video to see how Janco works.

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