Raymarine Element S is a new range of navigation displays

They are based on the Element HV series by FLIR. The new Raymarine Element S offer an all-weather screen, high processing speed and GPS navigation.

Raymarine Element S is available in three sizes measuring 7, 9 or 12 inches: in all cases the screens feature a high level of brightness and contrast, the numbers say 1,500 nit, to optimize visibility in any weather condition. The 64-bit, quad-core processor offers excellent speed which in real-world situations means smooth transitions between pages and menus and a fast refresh of cartography. Element S is equipped with an integrated 10 Hz GPS sensor and supports the main maps, including the new LightHouse NC2 cards from Raymarine, Navionics and C-MAP.

Safe and simple

Element S allows to cruise through busy waterways with greater awareness and safety, using the support of a Raymarine wireless CHIRP Quantum radar or an optional AIS receiver. Quantum adds solid-state radar capabilities, while Element S’s AIS overlays allow you to intelligently identify approaching targets. In addition to radar and AIS support, Raymarine Element S series features NMEA 2000 connectivity for autopilot and VHF DSC integration, as well as displaying data from navigation instruments, engine data and information on the fuel reserve. More, it can store up to 5,000 waypoints divided into 200 groups, as well as 50 routes and 15 tracks.

Element S’s LightHouse Sport operating system was designed having simplicity and ease of use in mind: clear menus and intuitive keyboard controls. The use of the keyboard itself keeps the screen clean (read: without fingerprints). “Live” menus allow you to change the settings and customize the maps, and simultaneously observe the changes on the navigation display in real time. There are also three configurable buttons for quick access to pages or favorite views and a large waypoint button for quick marking of favorite places.

The integration of a single-channel High CHIRP sonar allows to trace the sea bottom and identify shoal of fish up to 275 meters deep. Bathymetric generation using the integrated RealBathy function allows mapping of areas not shown on the maps in real time.

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Raymarine Element S is covered by a three-year warranty and is already available through the Raymarine FLIR dealer network, starting at an indicative price of € 495.

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