Nuova Jolly 800 Pro, born for work and fun

A professional rib, even in the name: the Nuova Jolly 800 Pro has a seaworthy hull and much space aboard, making it ideal for holiday resorts and diving schools. And more…

nuova jolly 800 pro

We tested the first unit just some days before it took off for Caribe: final destination, a holiday resort, to become the best water shuttle between the small islands of the archipelago The choice couldn’t be better, for this Nuova Jolly 800 Pro: it’s been selected for one of the mission where it’ll perform better. The sturdy construction, the dark grey tubular, and the large space aboard make it all ideal to transport tourists and live its versatility.

The Caribbean sea (but the Med as well…) can be annoying sometimes, so the deep-V hull will allow to face even bad conditions safely, especially with a powertrain such as the one we tested: twin Mercury 150 EFI outboards. We also recall that this model has been used during the Genoa Boat Show, as a support boat for the final stage of the “Audi tron Sailing Series 2014”, thanks to the technical partnership between the Shipyard and the Championship.

nuova jolly 800 pro nuova jolly 800 pro nuova jolly 800 pro nuova jolly 800 pro nuova jolly 800 pro nuova jolly 800 pro

The Deck of Nuova Jolly 800 Pro

It’s hard to desire more versatility and rationality. The target is clearly to host as many passengers as possible, within the maximum capability which is 16. But it’s also possible to use the 800 Pro for gaming, so the cockpit boasts tilting benches to leave all the space for fishermen and their gear. With benches in place and padding on the handrails the cockpit will turn into a dinette, although at the moment a table is not considered (but it will be easy to mount). With a center piece, anyway, the area becomes a solarium. The engine bay at the transom and the two swim platforms provide teak decking and add elegance to the whole.
The wheelhouse clusters the engine instruments and the GPS screen on the top dark half; the rest of the switches are on the lower white part. A simple design and a narrow structure have been conceived to leave space for the passageways and the hardtop. The latter, made of thick SS pipes, is also a safe handrail, whose structure can be finished with rod holders and cockpit lights. The tubular features reinforcing patches on the access corners and an antiskid fascia through the whole length, on both sides, so it can be used as a seat without being slippery.
The foredeck boasts some benches, easily removable or transformable into a sun bed with a central piece. The cushions are just a little, and even the storage underneath the seat is not that large, while the area under the helm station hosts the 300 lt fuel tank. Another tilting seat is just ahead of the pilot house; while at the extreme bow there’s a fiberglass structure for the anchor winch and the chain (accessible thru a hatch). There’s even a small platform for front mooring and dives.

nuova jolly 800 pro

Mercury FourStroke 150 EFI, forefather of a species

“Target of our designers was to build the most reliable 4-stroke outboard in the world, in its segment of power”. Given this premise, Mercury started with a clean sheet and came to the 150 EFI. Large displacement (3 liters), four pots, just two valves per cylinder, and an original power of 250 HP reduced to 150 making it very reliable. Along with that, one of the lowest weights in the class (206 Kg) and small size. Thanks to an easily removable cowling, maintenance is simple, at least for oil change or fuel filter replacement. The distribution doesn’t need any adjustment.

nuova jolly 800 pro

The test of Nuova Jolly 800 Pro

On a flat lake I have to provide my own waves. So I can realize the seaworthy hull that shows a smooth impact at every speed and any direction. I pass to the second test: veering port and starboard, at increasing speed. No problem with steadiness and safety, jut the mechanic throttle lever is a bit hard to move, as opposed to an extremely light power-assisted rudder wheel.
Acceleration is impressive, especially with 19” propellers: the two Mercury units take the 800 Pro to planing in just 2,8 seconds and to 30 knots in 6. It’s better to hold tight, because the pace increases up to 46 knots to 5600 rpm. Over 3000 revs I suggest working with the trims, to improve efficiency and the speed/consumption ratio. A cruise speed of 30 knots at 4000 rpm sees the outboards burning 50 lph totally, that drop to only 15 at 11 knots and 1900 revs. Below that the hull stops planing, but it’s positively slow indeed.
A good match between an excellent rib and two very good engines. I believe that it would be enough to mount two new Mercury 115 EFI, saving money and keeping good performance. Of course, it also depends on the usage: with 15 passengers ready to dive in the Caribe 300 HP are surely the best choice.

Technical features

Length overall   8,00 mt (26 ft 3 in)
Beam   3,00 mt (9 ft 7 in)
Tubular diameter   60-42 cm (23.6 – 16.5 in)
Chambers   6
Passengers   16
Weight1   350 Kg
Max power   350 HP
CE certification   B


1000 rpm          5,2 knots        6.0 mph           7,8 lph         2.1 gph           67 db
1500 rpm          6,8 knots        7.8 mph          10,8 lph        2.85 gph        71 db
2000 rpm         10,4 knots      12.0 mph        17,0 lph         4.5 gph           76 db
2500 rpm         16,7 knots       19.2 mph        22,4 lph         5.9 gph           79 db
3000 rpm        22,2 knots       25.5 mph        28,0 lph         7.4 gph          80 db
3500 rpm        26,2 knots       30.1 mph         37,0 lph        9.8 gph          82 db
4000 rpm        31,5 knots       36.2 mph        48,0 lph        12.7 gph         84 db
4500 rpm        36,3 knots       41.8 mph        62,0 lph         16.4 gph         85 db
5000 rpm       40,0 knots       46.0 mph        77,2 lph          20.4 gph       88 db
5500 rpm       43,6 knots        50.2 mph        90,4 lph          23.9 gph       88 db
5900 rpm       46,3 knots        53.3 mph         109,0 lph      28.8 gph       89 db

Test conditions

Calm sea, temperature 18° C (64° F). fuel 80 lt (21 US gal), fresh water empty, passengers 2, clean hull


Nuova Jolly 800 Pro, without engine€ 43,800 + VAT

Visit Nuova Jolly Marine website

Visit Mercury Marine  website



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