Selva Murena 40XSR big muscles in a small body

The Selva Murena 40XSRoutboard shares the same 1 liter, 4 cylinder block with bigger and more powerful units. That’s the secret to its performance and sturdiness.

A few builders can count on such a wide and articulated offer as Selva Marine: not just in the outboard market, but also for packages spacing from own ribs and cruisers, to partnerships with renowned brands like Beneteau. What I am going to test is exactly one of the latter, a match between two “entry-level” icons: Beneteau Flyer 550 Open and Selva Murena 40XSR. A bundle offered at a very reasonable price, i.e. just above 20,000 euros for Italy which is the “native” market for Selva. It can be considered one of the most interesting solutions for the new boater who wants to start with an affordable choice.


Despite the fully open destination, the 550 Open offers a good indoor volume, with access from the front of the console. There’s room for a potty, for putting on the swim suit and for storing all the gear. Further space can be found in the lockers under the seats.

selva-murena-40xsr_beneteau-flyer-550_7-938x535 selva-murena-40xsr_-bneteau-flyer-550_1-938x535

To bow the choice is between a perimetral bench and a rather large solarium (160 x 170 cm) that reaches to the seat ahead of the console. Two large passageways quickly take back to the cockpit where pilot’s and co-pilot’s seats can rotate to create a dinette measuring 190×140 cm. During navigation, the two seats look to the helm station, which features a single screen for all the infos: practical, but a bit lonely.

selva-murena-40xsr_beneteau-flyer-550 selva-murena-40xsr_beneteau-flyer-550

The transom features the white cowling of the Murena 40XSR (note: the Italian builder is the only one to use names and not just cold letters for their engines).

The Selva Murena 40XSR is the most exuberant among the 40HP units of the brand, a power-step declined into seven models with 2, 3 or 4 cylinders, 2 or 4 strokes. The Murena XSR boasts a 1 liter 4 cylinder block, with EFI injection (Yamaha technology) as its Dorado twin, but here there’s also four valves per cylinder to further increase performance. Among the other features, a sturdy shaft with a final ratio that allows to mount large diameter props, for even higher speed. The unit weighs a total of 119 Kg.


The test

The Flyer can bear a maximum power of 115HP according to the brochure. That’s why we’re curious to put on trial this particular package, with less than a half of the ponies. Just a pity we don’t have the software to check the fuel consumption. The first sensation is very good: with a 15” three-bladed propeller we get into plane in less than five seconds, and the thrust keeps on until 6000 rpm, even beyond when moving the trim, for a top speed of 29 knots. For a comfy cruise though it’s better to slow down a bit, so at 5000 revs the speedometer says 22 and going down to the minimum planing pace the instruments read 14 knots and 3800 rpm. As for the feeling at the helm, once aware of a little momentum from the prop (inevitable with a single engine), the Flyer feels safe and handy at every pace. It’s impossible to put yourself at risk even in the tightest turns and sharpest maneuvers, although the formers return a bit of cavitation. Of course we are now talking of the contrary of a typical day cruise, so we can easily say that the bundle between Beneteau Flyer and Selva Murena gets a full promotion.

Indicative prices for Italy
Selva Murena 40XSR€ 5,876 + VAT and transportation
Package with Beneteau Flyer 550 Open€ 18,172 + VAT and transportation


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