Perini Eco Tender 25 is the first motoryacht to carry the Perini Navi brand

She is also the first planing boat built by the shipyard. Perini Eco Tender 25 m is a mini superyacht, created to comply the Perini owners’ demand.

The project of Perini Eco Tender 25 m stems from an owner’s desire to have an extension of their power-sailboat. They feel very satisfied with their 52-meter Perini Navi powersailer, but with needs evolving over the years they wanted more flexible spaces for individual guests or children. Also, when at anchor, they wanted a more comfortable means – than a normal rib – to explore the coastal areas.

The answer was a boat with the same elegant look, the quality and comfort of the mother ship, which could offer additional space in the cabin and was also independent.

Four-mode hybrid propulsion

Innovation begins with the sophisticated hybrid propulsion system, developed by Siemens, which offers four operating modes to allow maximum flexibility.

Diesel mode: two MAN diesel engines (2 × 1213 Kw) supply two Hamilton jets, for a top speed of over 30 knots.

Hybrid mode: a motor drives the water jet and also acts as generator, powering the electric motor that drives the other water jet.

Diesel-electric mode: a 130 Kw generator supplies electricity to the two electric motors which drive the waterjets.

Zero-emission mode: for maneuvers or small ruotes without emissions and noise, a pack of batteries supplies both water jets via electric motors, for a speed of 8 knots and a time range of about one hour. This way, Perini Eco Tender will be able to sail at low speed in marine parks or in restricted areas. However, at the owners’ request, particular attention was paid to noise reduction in all propulsion modes: the noise levels established by the contract are less than 55 dB.

Navigation and communication systems are also advanced, including I-Bridge Multitouch by Team Italia, an absolute novelty for a yacht of this size. All the on board systems, even the hybrid propulsion, can be managed using a high resolution touchscreen, trackball and jogger.

In 2019, dashboards from Team Italia will equip 36 yachts

The monitors can be raised to different heights, in dashboard or chart / navigation mode, and also offer the augmented reality function that superimposes video images to navigation data. In addition, the Anchor Watching System (AWS) displays and controls all the systems needed to monitor the boat when at anchor.

Owners have also requested that the

guests could get in and out of the tender

comfortably and safely from the deck

of the 52-m yacht

It provides 360° images around the boat and monitors marine traffic thanks to radar systems, thermal imaging cameras and a search projector. It can also be programmed to emit an approach alarm. Equipped with a double VSAT system for Internet connection and three Iridium telephones, Perini Eco Tender is able to stay connected to the mother boat at over 100 Mbps even tens of miles away.

Care for design

Owners have also requested that the guests could get in and out of the tender comfortably and safely from the deck of the 52-m yacht. The main deck, the same height as the mother boat, allows guests to pass directly from one to another. The innovations continue with the exterior layout and the comfort offered on the main deck. In addition to the comfortable aft cockpit, equipped with lounge seats, sunbathing areas and a small stern platform, there is a spacious dinette arranged in the foredeck.

The interiors are also designed in-house. They feature brushed teak matched to white lacquers, and sport a lounge-dinette and a full galley on the main deck. Below deck there’s a full-beam VIP suite, a double cabin in the bow and a third cabin with twin beds: all have private heads. In front of the engine-bay bulkhead the crew cabin has independent access.

Perini Eco Tender and its sophisticated propulsion system will be subjected to comprehensive tests and sea trials prior to delivery to the shipowner, which scheduled for April.

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