It will be an important Genoa Boat show for Zar Formenti

Zar Formenti wants to impress: the Italian boatyard will take to Genoa Boat Show no less than 22 models, and many will be novelties.

It will be a clever mix between popular boats and interesting innovations, both in the models and in the accessories. Zar Formenti in Genoa will have 22 boats, of which six will be available for sea trials equipped with Suzuki Marine engines.

Inside and outside

At the stand inside the Pavilion B, Zar 95SL will be one of the most visible units. The flagship of the Sport Luxury line will be shown with a fiberglass hardtop, equipped with an electric awning (the standard one is manual). This useful feature can also be mounted on the Zar 85SL, even with an aftermarket installation.

Zar 95SL with hard top

The Zar 79SL Plus debuts a new console, characterized by a roomy compartment underneath: it will be possible to have an optional potty with sink and porthole for lighting and ventilation.

Zar 79SL Plus

The Zar Formenti novelties also concern the Zarmini tender line, which will be represented by six models: Zarmini Air 9, Zarmini Rib 8 Light, Zarmini Rib 10 DL, Zarmini Rib 12 DL, Zar Lux 12 and Zar Lux 13. In particular, the two Zar Lux differ from the usual Zarminis for a larger range of features and a more appealing design. Their standard equipment will include a driving seat that becomes part of the structure (on Zarmini the console and the settee are modular and customizable).

Zarmini Lux 13

There is also a console with a side seat and a large bow locker. The EVO floor covering and the ladder are also part of the standard equipment, as is the stern cushion. The aluminum structure guarantees a unique lightness and manageability.

Zar Formenti 95SL: the right balance between sport and luxury

Zarmini Lux 12

Here’s the list of the other models that will be on display: Zar ZF0, Zar ZF3, Zar 53 Classic Luxury, Zar 65 and Zar 49 SL. The Zar 43 Classic Luxury will be in the water. The models available for sea trials, powered by Suzuki Marine as we mentioned, will be the following: Zar 95SL (2×350 hp), Zar 85SL (2×250 hp), Zar 75 (300 hp), Zar 61 (175 hp), Zar 59SL (150 hp) and Zar 57 (150 hp).

Zar 79SL Plus

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