Canados Gladiator 411 Carbon Series: an outboard-powered 100 mph open can be Italian

No need to go to the US: Canados Gladiator 411 Carbon Series is an excellent open boat capable of extraordinary performance. And 100% Made in Italy.

On one side you have extreme American open boats, with the beam of a city car, boasting sporty hulls, eye-catching finishes and two (offset) inboard engines.
On the other side, there’s open boats born from a different approach, fast but with understatement, which prefer elegance and space on board to pure performance.

And then there’s the Canados Gladiator 411 Carbon Series, which promises to be the best of both worlds.

Made in Italy, made by a champion, made to go fast

With the first unit built for a French owner, the Gladiator 411 was engineered by Michel Karsenti, President of Canados and four-time offshore champion. With him Simone Cesati, expert in high-tech composite construction, and Albert Dalle Molle, consultant for high speedboats.

canados gladiator carbon series mercury racing

The concept behind the model, which takes into consideration the expertise and requests of the first owner, was to offer an alternative to the large and powerful Mercury Racing V8 inboards, thanks to the reliable and extremely quiet Mercury 450R outboards, whose service network is easily available. also in Europe.

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The double-step ventilated hull is made of woven carbon fiber, Kevlar and epoxy resin, and features a structural bracket to ensure maximum strength, rigidity and impact resistance.

canados gladiator carbon series mercury racing

The result is a hull so thin that, with a curb weight of 3100 kg, the Canados Gladiator 411 Carbon Series is about 30% lighter than any other similar model (in terms of performance and size) on the market.

The Canados Gladiator 411 is race-oriented also inside

In the cockpit there are five X-Craft cushioned seats, which allow you to cruise fast even in rough seas, while the metal parts are in anodized aluminum to save weight.

There is plenty of details and accessories in carbon fiber built in Italy, while other components have been selected in the United States. Many of these have been specially designed for Canados, such as the handles with internal LED lighting.

canados gladiator carbon series mercury racing

The first Gladiator 411 Carbon Series will feature a cabin with a 2×3.10 meter bed. The entire upholstery is in Alcantara Exo, and the exterior paint in Awlgrip (as for all Canados).

Of course weight was the obsession for the designers of the Canados Gladiator 411 Carbon Series, who also defined the position of the center of gravity, giving themselves a tolerance of just 24 mm.

Thus, in addition to lamination, many other aspects also required painstaking attention: the most striking example is in the dashboard, where the classic instruments have given way to a 22-inch Garmin central display and two 9-inch Mercury Vessel Views.

It can be run by two pilots, as in offshore

Showing how Canados Gladiator 411 Carbon Series is not a boat for “traditional” owners, the steering wheel in the cockpit can be positioned to port or starboard: in one case you have the possibility to pilot as on a racing boat, with a throttleman and a helmsman. In the other case, which we can consider as a normal condition, the owners can do everything by themselves, by just moving the steering wheel to the other side.

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Incredible speed to go anywhere “in the spin of a hand”

Pushed by two Mercury 450 R with Speedmaster shafts, the Canados Gladiator 411 Carbon Series will be able to reach a maximum speed of 100 mph (88 knots), with a cruising speed of 80 mph (70 knots).

This speed allows you to reach Saint Tropez from Cannes in just over 20 minutes or, again at cruising speed, to cruise from Marina Ibiza to Puerto Portals (Palma de Mallorca) in 55 minutes or from Fort Lauderdale to Bimini in 42 minutes. Less than a full rotation of the minute hand on your wristwatch.

canados gladiator carbon series mercury racing
Key West World Championship Offshore Powerboat Racing Association in Key West FL.

Canados has also designed a version the Gladiator 411 Carbon Series propelled by three outboards: in this case, the boat will be able to reach a maximum speed of 115 miles per hour (100 knots).

But in the end, what’s the reason behind Canados decision to build a boat like the Gladiator 411 Carbon Series?

Basically, the aim was to create something innovative, but also to look carefully at the American market by introducing a boat perfectly in line with their taste and graced by the Made-in-Italy flair, which has a very strong appeal in the USA.

canados gladiator carbon series mercury racing

In fact Canados claims that no European manufacturer has ever proposed a boat capable of competing with American shipyards in terms of speed and build quality, therefore an outboard model with Italian design and construction, capable of reaching 100 to 120 miles per hour, will make some waves into the US market.

This is a segment that is virtually non-existent in Europe, above all because European customers do not like inboard racing engines, which burn too much fuel, have high maintenance costs and can be serviced by a few expert technicians.

Canados Gladiator 411 Carbon Series, along with a Gladiator 431 and a Gladiator 631, will be the protagonist of a touring presentation in the Mediterranean, which will touch Capri, Portofino, Montecarlo, Cannes, Saint Tropez, Porto Vecchio in Corsica and the Costa Smeralda.

The numbers of Canados Gladiator 411 Carbon Series

  • Length overall …………… 13,06 m (42ft 10in)
  • Beam …………… 3,30 m (10ft 10in)
  • Dry displacement …………… 3100 Kg
  • Full load displacement …………… 4215 Kg with 5 passengers
  • Fuel reserve …………… 2500 l (660 US gal)
  • Riserva acqua dolce …………… 800 l (211 US gal)
  • Serbatoio acque nere/grigie …………… 80 l (21 US gal)
  • Engines …………… 2x Mercury Racing 450R short, Hering propellers
  • Top speed …………… 100 mph (88 kn)
  • Cruise speed …………… 80 mph (70 kn)
  • Economical cruise speed …………… 63 mph (55 kn)
  • Cruise range …………… 230 nm @ 63 mph
  • Hul …………… Ventilated hull with double redan and structural bracket
  • Construction …………… Carbon fiber / Kevlar / epoxy resin with vacuum infusion

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