Evinrude E-Tec G2 is the outboard of the future?

Orders can be placed, and delivery will start soon for the Evinrude E-Tec G2, the first totally new outboard in the last 38 years, and also the first Evinrude with BRP DNA.

What’s brand new, beside the peculiar look, is the command system, the block, the SLX gearbox in the leg and the thermodynamic process. All of this means an increase of 20% for the torque with a drop of 15% in consumption and 75% in emissions, thanks to the Pure Power combustion and the Rotax Adjustable Valve Ehhaust.

evinrude e tec g2

Let’s get into details: the foot and the SLX gearbox feature a high capacity water pump, electric integrated shift, a large diameter propeller shaft and lowered water intakes. Anti-corrosion protection covers with titanium oxide all the aluminum components, and includes larger anodes and a higher number of covered parts. It’s worth to mention the rotation axis measuring 61 mm and 116 mm diameter stands, then the oil-wet bronze bushings, the five different mount positions and a 35,6 mm flange. The rotation axis behind the transom makes the stand stiffer and more resistant, reducing the stress transmitted to the boat, while the double-axis rigging reduces the obstruction in the cockpit. The hydraulic rudder is integrated in the transom stand, and the power assisted system is easily connected to the rudder controls already on board. The oil tank contains 7,6 liters, and the alternator produces 40% more battery charge when at idle, allowing to feed more components.

evinrude e tec g2

Undoubtedly the look is what strikes the most about this engine, also considering that panels and badges can originate over 400 different combinations. Another useful feature is the new Icon commands with a touch screen display available in 7”, 4,3” or 3,5” size.  For the sportiest applications, a foot-throttle kit is also available, as is a full set of propellers in the RX4 and Raker HO ranges. Cherry on the cake, five years of warranty on engine and corrosion, and a planned interval of 5 years or 500 hours before the first service.

evinrude e tec g2

The new Evinrude E-Tec G2 is offered in different power steps: 200, 225, 250 HP (each also in the sportier HO version) and the top one 300 HP. All come from the same block: V6, 3441 cc (210 c.i.), two stroke, indirect injection E-Tec with stratified combustion for lower speed. The total weight is 253 Kg (244 for HO) and allows for a record power-to-weight ratio.

The suggested retail price starts at less than 18000 euros for the E200 LHO, up to around 22500 euros for the E300 ZU, VAT not included.


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