suzuki df300 ap

Suzuki DF300AP : the outboard goes out of the ordinary

After so many years of black, white and grayish cowlings, finally colors are conquering the outboards’ liveries. This is what Suzuki has done to celebrate their 50th anniversary in boating: a new range of DF300AP characterized by the colorful and peculiar look.

Suzuki Marine decided to celebrate their 50th anniversary with four extra-series engines, conceived by Officine GP Design according to the key factor of Zen aesthetics: the Kanso. The four concepts then became four models:

– Industrial, made with special paintings, handcraft finishing and embossed logos;

– LumiRed, with a touch of vintage look and parts painted with white-luminescent varnish, to make the engine visible in the night time;

– Platinum 50th, the most exclusive version to celebrate the anniversary, made with platinum and gold varnish;

Luminescent, the only outboard in the world that is completely luminescent, used by raider Giovanni Bracco for his 2800-mile navigation, matching an elegant design with increased safety during night cruising.

suzuki df300 ap

To underline the connection with the history of the brand, the inspiration came from the DT200 Exantè model, symbol of the constant evolution of the Company. Introduced in 1985, it was the first V6 outboard from Suzuki. In 1987 the Exantè range was awarded the “Most innovative product if the year” by National Marine Manufacturer Association (NMMA). The Exantè gave origin to the first V4, DF90 and DT100, and the powerful DT225, the first outboard with electronic injection in 1990.

These custom-made units remark the large investments that Suzuki makes in R&D, and not only in technology but also in style and design. The chosen model, DF300AP, represents with the DF200AP the best resume of all the exclusive technology developed by Suzuki Marine, that also granted another NMMA Award. Among the features, Suzuki Selective Rotation that allows to choose the direction of rotation; Lean Burn for best performance and lower consumption; drive by wire system for throttle and inverter.

suzuki df300 ap

The four DF300AP are just an example of the chances to customize an outboard engine. It’s a proof of concept that Suzuki Marine makes available to all customers who want to make their outboard look unique.

The realization of the engines has been possible with support from the Italian Officine GP Design, Company based in Turin and specialized in customized motorbikes, accessories, helmets and so. The passion of the owners pushed them to always look for new chances of transforming all surfaces they encounter in their work, now including also outboard engines.


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