Coelmo Integra: your inboard energy manager

Coelmo Integra is an innovative system capable of managing all the energy supply in the smartest way.

Simply tune the TV on your favourite programme, or switch the air-conditioner on: Integra® will choose among the available energy sources (shore power, generator, inverter, solar panels), using the most suitable and environmentally-friendly one.

No more energy waste by using generators at low-load or by overloading the batteries. Integra® can manage the supply of each source and optimize efficiency and durability. No more galvanic currents to damage anodes, rotors and stabilizers: Integra® can safeguard the boat with a permanent galvanic protection system.


In a single and compact box, Integra® encloses a pure sine wave inverter, a two output battery charger, a UPS, a galvanic protection, and a sophisticated smart manage system, all monitored by a single EOS® digital control panel. A single system monitors and manages all energy sources on board and shares the information via CAN-bus circuit. More, Integra® grants uninterrupted power supply when unexpected cuts to the external network should occur and the generator is starting.

With the parallel mode, it’s possible to get more power from the Generator and save fuel. With Integra, all power sources on board are simultaneously available: main, generator and battery.
The dual branched battery charger system protects the service and starting batteries, optimizing the power load available on board. Coelmo Integra ensures battery recharge even when the boat is not used for a long time, automatically starting-up the generator when the battery power drops below safety level.

Finally, a unique, compact and integrated system simplifies installation and maintenance.
Beside Integra, Coelmo offers a wide range of generators 3,5 to 39,5 Kw. Coelmo was founded in Italy, on the gulf of Naples, in 1946, and since then they dedicated their business to industrial and marine generators. Nowadays, the production is spread onto three factories, for a total area of 37,000 square meters (400,000 square feet).

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