Lamborghini offshore “Raging Bull”: my other car is a racing boat

No, Lamboghini offshore Raging Bull has nothing to see with the Offshore Class 1 World Championship. It’s more of a fancy…

The name Lamborghini is pretty popular with powerboating fans, as the V12 Italian engines have powered some of the fastest racing boats ever, winning 10 World Championships and another seven in the Victory-branded versions.
But Lamborghini offshore Raging Bull is something completely different: it’s a racing cat…in a Lamborghini body. Not exactly, but let’s say that its owner was so enthusiastic for his Aventador 50th Anniversary that he wanted to have a replica in the water.

Lamborghini offshore Raging Bull: American heart


Gino Gargiulo, Miami-based entrepreneur who made his fortune in the restaurant business, decided then to build a 48-footer boat with MTI by Randy Scism. So Raging Bull is born: a one-off design, costed allegedly 1.3 million dollars, powered by two (American…) Mercury Racing units developing 1350 HP each, for a top speed of 186 mph (or 161 knots).

Despite the US-built engines, the look mocks the Lamborghini Aventador in many details: beside the yellow painting, there’s the front lights on top of the two sponsons, the huge side air intakes, the steering wheel, center console and rearview mirrors from the car, and even the LED tail lights. And what about those front seats? Yes, the yellow and black shade tells no lies…they are another amazing carry-over.
But Lamborghini offshore Raging Bull won’t stop here: Gino Gargiulo wants to install two mightier engines, in particular the new Mercury Racing delivering 1650 HP for a total power of 3300 HP, then he plans to compete in the extremely popular Poker Run competitions.


But who’s faster between the boat and the car? Here’s a video from CNBC showing us the challenge.

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