No more fighting with oysters with Ostra Pince

If you’re skilled in preparing oysters already, this is not the tool for you, unless you want to quicken the opening process.

For all the others, you may need the new Ostra Pince, a new pair of oyster tongs that makes opening clams very easy.
Either you are at home, or on your boat somewhere and you just found fresh oysters, this is a good solution to taste them straight away, without going nuts and fighting in the attempt to open the clams. It is the muscle that keeps the oyster sealed, not the hinge: with these tongs you just rip a small piece of the clam making a tiny hole, then insert the blade and turn in order to effortlessly open your oyster. The video we shot at the Paris Boat Show explains it better than any word.
Ostra Pince is made in stainless steel, with unlimited warranty, and costs just 49 euros.
The producer has Italian origins but is based in France.

You can easily order this useful tool by sending an email or calling +33 (0)2 51 58 09 66 – mobile + 33 (0)6 07 13 25 56.

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