Power is nothing without technology

The new 80 and 100HP Honda outboards come from the BF75 and BF90 units, but have been fully redesigned and can count a big set of new features.

Among others: Ecomo, which optimizes fuel consumption in the range 3000-4500 rpm, Blast, V-Tec (only for 100HP), and PGM-FI, the new fuel injection system by Honda. The basement is the same for both: 1496 cc, 4 cylinders, 16 valves, with a maximum rev of 6000 rpm for the 80HP unit and 6300 for the 100HP. Other features remain the same for both the engines, including weight (well, there’s a one-kilo difference).

The test

The engines are mounted on two ribs, the 5.58 mt (18 ft 3 in) Flyer 560 Sportage for the BF80 and the 6.60 mt (21 ft 8 in) Flyer 660 Sportage for the BF100. One meter more means much during navigation, in terms of comfort, and it’s a normal feeling for boats this size. On the smaller one you need to be careful with the helm, some more than on the larger who proves to have smoother reactions. Common for both, the soft impact of the hull on waves. The Napoule bay in the French Riviera is quite protected, so the sea was pretty calm. But moving to deep water, we found some big waves to properly test our ribs. The Flyer 560 required some efforts to reach 6000 rpm, but in the end we got to 32 knots. Much easier task with the Flyer 660: we reached quickly the top speed of 31 knots.


The numbers

Power 80HP (100HP)
Displacement 1.496 cc (91.3 cu in)
4 cylinders, 16 valves, four stroke
Bore and stroke 73×89.4 mm
Maximum range 5.000-6000 rpm (5.500-6.300 rpm)
Final ratio 2.33:1
Weight 165Kg (166Kg)

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