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Look at the first renderings of Evo Yachts Evo V8: 24 meters like nothing before

The new Evo Yachts project is called Evo V8 and, from what we can see, she will bing some innovation with her original solutions and technological contents.

The first name for the yacht was Velar 78: (beside the number), the same name of a Range Rover SUV. And, since for the English off-road brand Velar stands for Vee Eight LAnd Rover, the shipyard Evo Yachts has renamed its project with the name of V8. Just a coincidence? We’re not told, but it doesn’t really matter.

What matters is that we have the first renderings that reveal what the Evo V8 will look like. A 24-meter yacht with a transforming external and internal layout, combined with the ambition to offer a navigation style that ideally combines the world of sailing and that of motoryachts.

It’s just a matter of months, and we’ll see her in Cannes

Her designer (Valerio Rivellini) and the shipyard that builds it (Blu Emme Yachts, parent company of Evo Yachts) promise to reveal all the secrets at the time of the official presentation at 2021 Cannes Yachting Festival, and actually they have won our curiosity and our attention.

evo yachts v8 rivellini

The new flagship of Evo Yachts is meant to be the first model of the new V line, and features a minimal design which starts from the desire to capture the best of the sailing and motor sectors.

The Evo V8 project invites to take life on board with relaxation, even when cruising at high speeds. As Rivellini says “those who use motorboats start their holiday once they reach their destination, while those who sail are on vacation immediately, as soon as they set foot on board. Evo V8 combines the speed of the engines with the comfort and relaxation of sailing”.

evo yachts v8 rivellini

The first surprising feature is the presence on board of four piloting stations. The largest one is on the main deck, forward of the main saloon, and the second, with a retractable steering console, sits on the roof top. These are joined by two helms to port and starboard, also on the main deck. With a clear reference to the world of sailing, these two rudders are both “convivial” and practical in maneuvering, and the free space between the two is a further element of sociality.

The layout of the Evo V8 continues to impress moving to the beach area which, at the owner’s pleasure, can be connected directly to the master cabin.

evo yachts v8 rivellini

It is in fact a lounge open to the sea, just 70 cm above the waterline, ideal for enjoying a 180° panoramic view thanks to the side walls that can be opened to increase the symbiosis with the sea. Three steps down towards the bow connect the beach area with a lowered relaxation area that precedes the owner’s cabin. Thanks to large sliding doors, the space can serve as an outdoor patio for daytime use or as a private lounge for the owner at night, when the door to the outside is closed and you get a 12m-long open space suite.

evo yachts v8 rivellini

The layout of the Evo V8 is fully customizable, and thanks to the two different staircases that lead directly from the main to the lower deck, allows to have two separate flows for crew and guests.

Referring to the first unit in the pipeline, it sports three cabins for a total of seven guests and a cabin for two crew.
The lower deck houses the owner’s cabin and the two guest cabins, the galley and the crew quarters.
On the main level, the large living room with dining area is surrounded by large windows that lower almost completely to emphasize contact with the outside and limit the use of air con: an option that brings the Evo V8 closer to a 24-meter open with hard top.

evo yachts v8 rivellini
evo yachts v8 rivellini

Evo V8 will be launched in the evo yachts v8 rivellini and delivered to her owner, an evo yachts v8 rivellini, loyal customer quite passionate about the Evo Yachts brand.

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Here’s the first step of the project: Evo Yachts Velar 78 is the new cooperation between the yard and designer Valerio Rivellini

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