IDesCo Limo Tender is ready for big yachts and their garage

IDesCo Limo Tender is the new project by a marine design studio for a boat capable of satisfying the need for space aboard large yachts.

The idea behind IDesCo Limo Tender started back in 2007, when the designers combined their experience in pursuing technology, reliability, aesthetics and ergonomics, decided to develop a tender that could encounter the need for space on big yachts. That idea brought first to LMC650 (which stands for Luxury Marine Commuter 650), the predecessor of this IDesCo Limo Tender.
From the experience acquired with LMC650 came the IDesCo Limo Tender: designed to be a “tender limousine” for large yachts, solving the problem of height clearance. As normally garages have limited vertical space, most of the tenders must be very low therefore hindering the inner space.



So, IDesCo designers applied their concept of “commutation” to a large tender, thus sparing any compromise.
The Limo Tender range will span from 6.5 to 9 meters, with tilting top,  for garages up to (or should we say down to…) 1.35 meters in height. What’s unique in this boat is the way the top moves, with both sides rotating until they can be stowed inside. With little movements they can be placed back in cruising position and offer the comfort of a closed limo.


Materials and shape are designed to provide best reliability and lightness. The system can be quickly and safely operated by two crew, with the empty boat moored to her yacht. The rubbing strake all around the Limo Tender allows the top to be opened even in chopped water, reducing the chance to scratch the hull.
The beam of 2.40 meters, along with a 1.35 mt height and a 1600 Kg weight, allows for an easy towing on ground.
The real unique features of IDesCo Limo Tender are aboard: in the cruising arrangement the versatility is at its top. The helm station is located abow, while amidships there’s comfortable seating for 12. In option the room can be cooled with climate control, while the large windows with carbon frame protect from bad weather and offer a panoramic view.


The canvas top can easily close down into the front roll bar, making the Limo Tender.
A sun bed (served by swim platform) comes available by tilting the back of the seats abaft, while the sides can be removed to turn this tender into a full open boat.
IDesCo Limo Tender is built by a team of Italian designers and artisans, who can customize every unit according to the owner’s needs. A revolutionary molding system allows to produce versions 6.5 to 9 meters long, with a wide choice of engines and propulsion, including jets, up to 350 HP.

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