Volvo Penta acquires majority stake in Humphree

Volvo Penta announces that they have signed an agreement to become the major shareholder of the marine technology provider Humphree.

Having a majority share in Humphree will further accelerate the next step in Volvo Penta’s plan to become a full marine system supplier. Volvo Penta will gain the ability to extend its range of boat dynamics solutions with new trim and stabilization functions, while Humphree will be able to access a greater client base via Volvo Penta’s network of dealer and service centers.

The companies will also collaborate to pursue solutions for a wide range of marine vessels, such as active ride control. Swedish-based Humphree supplies interceptors, optimizing trim systems which reduce pitch and roll, steering alternatives to waterjet bucket deflection, sub-cavitating and base-ventilated stabilizing fins, and hydrodynamic services. In recent years, Volvo Penta has used Humphree as a supplier for its Interceptor System (IS). An upgrade to the IS will be launched this year.



Volvo Penta: innovation in action

Volvo Penta has more than a century of experience in the development, manufacture and marketing of marine engines and complete power systems for boats. Their aim is to offer integrated systems from helm to prop, to the benefit of both marine leisure and commercial customers.

Humphree was founded in 2001 by a team of hydrodynamic experts and marine engineers. They will operate as a stand-alone entity retaining its brand, product line and organization. Assimilation of new functionality represented by Humphree into Volvo Penta- powered marine vessels will mean increased speed and performance, enhanced maneuverability and comfort, and better monitoring and safety, for the end user.

The transaction is subject to conditions and expected to close within May 2016.

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