Preview: Mercury Diesel, a new 2.0lt enters the market

With the launch of the new Mercury Diesel 2.0L, Mercury Marine offers a complete range of TDI diesel engines from 115 t0 370 HP.

As boaters are finally enjoying cruising even with measures and powers once considered “lesser”, it’s important that manufacturers offer a full range of solutions: not only powerful outboards and mighty gas inboards, but also compact and thrifty diesel units, ideal for small boats.

That’s why Mercury Marine has decided to put on the market a new range of oil burning, 2-liter engines: it’s the new 2.0L Tier3 TDI, 4 cylinders, in two powersteps (150 and 170 HP). At the moment, Mercury Diesel offer spaces between 115 and 370HP, with four, six or eight pots. The 3-liter V6 units supply 230 or 250 HP, while the output for the 4.2 V8 ones is 335 or 370.
All the new 2.0 liters Tier3 have common rail injection, and the 150 HP version features also a variable-geometry turbine that increases torque therefore acceleration. Both can work with shaft or stern drives and have standard Smart Craft technology. Among the available options, electronic throttle and gearbox, and the Axius joystick controls, ideal for the less experienced boater.

The Mercury Diesel TDI range comes from the automotive sector, and customers have immediately appreciated the same virtues seen on the Volkswagen Group vehicles: construction quality, low noise and vibrations, and very low fuel consumption, not forgetting the power to weight ratio and the significant torque at low revs.

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