The Yamaha joystick can control even outboards. We tested for you

First approach with the Yamaha joystick is convincing.

We tested it on the Capelli Osia 315 powered by two F300, and the boat becomes easy to maneuver, to everybody.
You can read our full test of this fishing boat on, the free online magazine available on this website. But we can anticipate some information. The Yamaha joystick works like the ones available for inboard engines: the revs of the engines will match the request, the movement sensors detect any input and the ECU decides the output and the direction of each engine, independently, in order to move the boat in any direction. Beside the joystick, the remote box and the ignition panel include the automatic trim assist, the anti-theft system, the chance to control engines and trim angle with the same stick, and a speed-sensitive clutch on the wheel.

Joystick-Yamaha Joystick-Yamaha

The new Joystick can work for two- or three-engine installations, provided it’s the last gen Yamahas (4.2 V6 225 or 300HP, and V8 350HP). It will be available this year already, starting with a selected number of Shipyards that will offer it as original equipment.


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