So many ideas in Tankoa 58 Open Concept

With Tankoa 58 Open Concept the young Italian shipyard introduces what could be their future style and design traits.

When you think of a luxury yacht you can fly with imagination, at the risk of designing a futuristic boat yet difficult to achieve, or look for new design solutions that maintain a relationship with what they could actually achieve. The latter is the case with Tankoa 58 Concept Open, walking new paths without forgetting that they will then have to transform into a real livable yacht.


Tankoa 58 Open Concept: future, possible

“Boutique yard” is the definition that expresses the design philosophy of this young and already prestigious Italian shipyard, born at the end of 2008, thanks to the will of a very competent team with extensive professional history. Since its inception, Tankoa’s business plan envisaged a high quality shipyard focused on yachts from 50 to 90 meters. Two well-known and expert professionals have been involved from the first steps of this fascinating industrial history: designer Francesco Paszkowski and naval architect Vincenzo Ruggiero.


Tankoa 58 Open Concept is the result of their collaboration, aimed to create a light, sharp, powerful and comfortable hull, because cruising in luxury does not mean giving up the thrill of going fast and be ready to face any kind of sea. Tankoa 58m Open Concept features hull and superstructure made entirely of 5083 light alloy; the propulsion counts on two Kamewa jets with central booster moved by three MTU engines 2,000 Kw each, for a total of more than 8000 HP, for a maximum speed at half load of 28/30 knots. The length overall is 58 m for a beam of 9.60 m and a draft of 1.80m. Among the features, there will be gyroscopic stabilizers and bow thruster.

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