Fiart 33 Seawalker and Suzuki DF300, sporty with charm

The Fiart 33 Seawalker with stern drives was a very good boat, but with Suzuki outboards she can express all her sport potential. And she comes with simplified trim and an interesting price.
It’s definitely time for small boats. Maybe the economic downturn, maybe the will to go for a means that’s easier to manage, fact is that runabouts are now the choice for many boaters, including newbies.
Seawalker 33 by Fiart Mare was one of the first boats designed according to this philosophy: catchy look, simple handling, easy maintenance, and lot of fun for day cruising and even for weekends with partner and a couple of friends. This formula marked the success for the model with inboards and sterndrives, and aims to be the key also for the new version, powered by a couple of mighty Suzuki DF 300 outboards.


Considering the spirit of the boat, seems like the choice for this propulsion is the better, although some may regret the wide swim platform of the other version. The arrival of the two Japanese units on the transom has been also the chance for Fiart to revisit some features and equipment, where simplified solutions and trim place the Seawalker 33 in a more affordable price range.

The test of Fiart 33 Seawalker

I’m back on the pontoons of Fiart Mare Shipyard, in Baia (close to Naples), and I recall the good sensations I had testing the 33 Seawalker with sterns. Immediately I notice the two engines, whose white cowlings are a perfect match to the light colors of the hull. The sea is pretty calm, but wind is rising and some swell remains due to the storms of the previous days. Probably this is one of the most common conditions for the user of such boat, so I turn the keys, start the Suzukis and leave the pontoon. As expected, the Seawalker 33 faces the test with good determination, thanks to a sturdy hull that’s not afraid of what comes ahead. Crossing some waves can be rough sometimes, but the two engines build up speed so quickly that in a blink I’m at 6000 rpm. Some trim adjustment, and I reach the top figure of 6300 revs and 47 knots.

fiat-33-seawalker fiat-33-seawalker

At this pace the boat is a proper gas-guzzler, requiring over 100 liters per hour per engine: so it’s better to slow down and at 4500 I read 30 knots and half the lph figures. At minimum planing speed, around 10 knots, the engines rev under 2000 and require 10 liters each every hour. Continual changes of direction give me a good feeling of safety, although the marked banks on the sides suggests to be careful. Nothing that an expert boater doesn’t know already.

The deck of Fiart 33 Seawalker

It’s weird, because once aboard you immediately feel at ease. Could be the smart use of teak, the large space available, the simple solutions: as a matter of fact, you don’t even think of the wide passageways (40 cm) that lead to the comfy fore sunbed.


The desire is to spend time in the cockpit, where the shipyard confirmed (despite simplified trim) the lounge with hydraulic table that turns into a huge sun pad, then a dinette for many more guests than the four that can sleep in the bunks. We notice the immense storage area in the former engine room, almost a waste when the inexperienced boater decided to fill it with any kind of goods and heavy gear, compromising the perfect weight balance of the Seawalker 33.

fiat-33-seawalkerfiat-33-seawalkerfiat-33-seawalker fiat-33-seawalker fiat-33-seawalker Test BoatMag

On both sides of the bow couch, two gates lead to the swim platforms, large enough to make for the over size stage of the inboard version. It’s the pay to price if you want the look and the performance of two outboard engines, and it’s a sacrifice many will be willing to take. Finally, some words about the complete (especially through the option list) galley cabinet, and the pilot station whose dashboard is rational and can be fitted with all the desired electronics.

The cabin of Fiart 33 Seawalker

This is where the restyling has been deeper. Not that it was needed, but on such a sporty boat it was probably redundant to have a second galley belowdeck, so a side bench is surely more useful. It’s a large open space, with a fore V-dinette that turns into a scissors bed, with an inner height of 190 cm by the companionway and 150 to the front, where you can sit around the table. It’s a very good compromise when realizing how the superstructure is low on the deck and the exterior look doesn’t hinder the space, or viceversa.

fiat-33-seawalker fiat-33-seawalker

fiat-33-seawalker fiat-33-seawalker

We appreciate also the head, large enough for the tallest, and the center berths under the cockpit, with a double bed right behind the companionway. It can accommodate another couple of guests, or be the night “room” for the owners leaving the main dinette free for daytime use.

The engines, Suzuki DF300

The two Suzuki DF300 are part of the package offered by Fiart Mare and Suzuki Marine. The DF300 AP is the first outboard that, with the same leg, can rotate clock- or anti clock-wise, thanks to the so-called Selective Rotation System, and in particular to a new gearbox whose shape is also profiled to minimize the hydrodynamic grip. It features two water intakes (two per side), with the lower ones conveniently placed to work properly even at high speed and in extreme conditions. The engine has a V6 block (55°), four valves per cylinder and a displacement of 4028 cc. Thanks to the Lean Burn Control System it can develop a high output with reduced fuel consumption and low emissions.


Caratteristiche Tecniche Fiart 33 Seawalker


Prestazioni Fiart 33 Seawalker


Test conditions
Smooth – slight sea, clean hull, temperature 28° C (82.4 F), fuel 300 lt (79 US gal), water 200 lt (53 US gal), 2 passengers

Climate control – Trim tabs – bow thruster – Generator 3,5 Kw – Water heater – Inverter 1000 watts – Black water tank – Autopilot – Chartplotter – Anti-fouling paint – Bimini sunshade – Cockpit refrigerator with freezer – Hard top – Grill – Carbon fiber gangway – Teak decking – Inner galley – LCD TV – Inner table.

Fiart 33 Seawalker Suzuki DF300 2×300 HP € 168.000 + VAT

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