Advertise with us

Our advertising formula is based on the “exclusive-in-the-page”:

  • Fewer advertisement in the page
  • Maximum creative impact
  • Efficiency
  • Direct communication through social marketing.

BoatMag International offers only the best tools for your communication needs.

On the web we promote our customers with display advertising, the most diffused tool for Companies to promote online their products and services.

We offer the main formats of display advertising.

We can publish banners in the IAB standard European format for online advertisement:
Medium Rectangle Responsive 300×250 pixels in all the articles
Wide Skyscraper 160×600 pixels in homepage

We also offer special banners for exclusive and maximized visibility:
Takeover Skin 1920×1080 pixel in the background of all the website
Manchette Responsive 300×95 pixels in the header of all the website
Home VIP Rectangle 270×477 pixels in homepage
Sponsor 160×160 pixel in homepage and in all the articles
Home Featured Post in homepage (no banners needed)

Our price list is based on the open-ended publishing, and it’s associated to further viral actions on social networks and on marketing action.

Contact us to know about all our editorial initiatives and plan with us your advertising campaign.

Download here our presentation.
Download here our layouts to make the creativity of your ad campaign in the best way.