Ranieri International Next 370 SH with Suzuki DF350A: a rough test for a good pair

A new livery and two brand new motors for Ranieri International Next 370 SH. We tested it among big waves with twin Suzuki DF350A.

There could be no worse situation to test this boat, which on the other hand promises to grant its future owners dream holidays. The sea is rough and the sky dark, not even close to the images of the boat in navigation that we publish. But this is what I have to face and the desire to test the pair of Suzuki DF350A is such as to overcome any laziness.

Ranieri International Next 370 SH – Suzuki DF350A: the test

This is not the first time I test Ranieri International Next 370 SH, in the previous test I was on the lake and the engine was a pair of Mercury Verado 400. This time the boat is proposed with a new livery characterized by darker cushions, but above all it’s the new Suzuki DF350A to catch the attention. The first sensation is that the two Japanese engines do not make much difference in performance or, better to say, perhaps this is the ideal power choice for this boat, althoughlet’s not forget that we are not in cruise setup: so no provisions, no gear and only three people on board.

Exceeding 41 knots (41.4 to be precise) with this sea is an excellent result, achieved with a simple action on the trims, certainly within the reach of most yachtsmen. This is to say that the Suzuki powetrain proves to be an excellent solution: not only for a quiet cruise, but also for quick rides, when you want to have fun or to escape a sudden change in weather. The Ranieri International Next 370 SH is a boat made for sunny cruises, and still riding with authority on this sea, lets some sprays on board.

Back to the test, if fuel consumption at 41 knots can be scary, at a cruising speed of about 20 knots and 4000 rpm they drop to eighty liters per hour and, maintaining the minimum planing speed at 3000 rpm, the pace is 13 knots and the fuel need shy of 50 lph. Given the conditions, a more protective windshield a bit would be appreciated, although as I stressed this is not the normal ground for Ranieri International Next 370 SH. I appreciate the precision of the rudder controls, that confirm how the pairing with Suzuki AP350A has worked perfectly.

Ranieri International Next 370 SH: on board

I widely described the layout of the Ranieri International Next 370 SH in a previous test:  nothing changes here but the color combinations: I wasn’t convinced by the striped fabrics of that model, and I am not convinced either by these dark cushions, which will boil in a sunny day. Certainly, from an aesthetic point of view the new color is captivating so, as always, the final decision lies with the future owner.


Add to this the Suzuki’s white livery, which fits perfectly. For a full description of the layout and features don’t hesistate to go to the previous test at the link above.


The numbers of Ranieri International Next 370 SH

  • Length overall                                    11.50 m (37ft 9in)
  • Beam                                                    3.00 m (9ft 10in)
  • Displacement                                     4500 Kg
  • Max output                                         800 HP
  • Min output                                          400 HP
  • Fuel reserve                                        1000 l (264 US gal)
  • Fresh water reserve                           200 l (52 US gal)
  • Berths                                                    5
  • Passengers                                           12/14
  • CE design category                            A/B


    • rpm         knots        mph      lph      nm/l        range*       dB
  • 600            2,6         3,0          4,4          0,59         473          55
  • 1000          4,2         4,8          8             0,53         420          60
  • 1500          6,2         7,1           14            0,44         354          63
  • 2000         8,2         9,4          21            0,39         312          66
  • 2500          9,6         11,0        36            0,27         213          71
  • 3000         12,0       13,8         52           0,23         185          74
  • 3500         18,0       20,7        62            0,29         232         80
  • 4000        21,0       24,2         86            0,24        195          83
  • 4500         26,0       29,9        121           0,21         172          85
  • 5000        32,0       36,8        166           0,19         154          86
  • 6000         41,0       47,2        210          0,20         156         87

*(20% reserve)

Test conditions

  • Moderate to rough sea, clean hull, fuel 500 l (132 US gal), no fresh water,3 passengers

Indicative price (VAT not included)

  • Only hull                                  € 155000
  • Suzuki DF350A                      € 27500

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